Who is calling me?

Have you had a missed call from an unknown number? Find out who called me for free.

If you’re in the UK, our phone number search function can help you to identify unknown callers. Find out ‘who called me’ before ringing back with our free service that helps you to avoid nuisance calls and scams.

We understand how stressful it can be to wonder ‘who is calling me from this number?’, and even more stressful to be on the receiving end of a scam, so we created this easy-to-use tool to alleviate your concerns.

Whose Number is This?

Missed a call and don’t know who it was? Simply use our reverse phone number search to see if anyone else has reported it. Our database is constantly growing, with new numbers being added every day. Users can leave comments about what kind of call they received, whether they answered and what was said. This feedback can help you to avoid and identify scams more easily, so make sure you block any unknown numbers that have a bad reputation.

How Can the Phone Number Search Help Me?

Our phone number lookup feature means you’ll be able to check phone number identities without calling back. Sometimes scammers charge a premium rate to return their missed call, which would mean you’d lose not only time but money as well. By reading the feedback from our community, you can block the phone number straight away.

If you have answered a scam call or listened to a recorded message, you might be feeling scared. Perhaps the person on the other end of the line told you that your bank account was compromised or that you owe money to HMRC. Even though you know it’s a scam, other people’s comments can help you to feel less alone. You’ll know that other people received similar calls so you don’t have to worry about the legitimacy of the call.

Check Phone Number Identities from Texts

Thinking about ‘who called me’ can be stressful, but seeing a text message from someone claiming to be a bank representative or postman can be just as disconcerting. Our reverse phone number search can also be used to identify text scams that are asking you to click on a link or pay money. Make sure you never click on a link from an unknown number and contact your bank if you’re still not sure if the text is legitimate.

A spam text message can be even more difficult to navigate than unwanted calls. It can be easy to quickly click on a link without thinking, especially if it seems genuine. The other things you should look out for are competitions and rewards. Even texting premium rate phone numbers can cost a lot of money. These competitions ask you to answer a few simple questions in order to win and, with every text message you send, you’ll be losing more and more of your money. Be wary of all unknown phone numbers texting you, not just those that send links.

I Still Don’t Know Who Called Me

So you’ve used our phone number lookup and are having no luck? If you’re the first person to search this number, it’s up to you to help others. You can leave information about the call you had even if you didn’t pick up, such as how long the phone rang for, whether they called more than once and what was said in any voicemail messages. All of these details could be useful to another mobile phone user who is left wondering ‘whose number is this?’ You could even include the time of day you received the call or text, as an unsociable hour can indicate it might be a scam.

Identifying Scams

A missed call doesn’t always mean scammers are on the other end. You may have received a genuine call from a business whose number you haven’t saved. But with mobile phone scams on the rise, it’s always best to be cautious. You should be wary of any unwanted calls or texts that ask you to make a payment or hand over your personal details.

Many scammers are now able to hide their phone numbers and make it appear as though your bank is calling you. If in doubt, always hang up and contact your bank or the company the caller is claiming to be from. If the caller was genuine, then you’ll still be able to resolve any issues. But if it turns out the call was a scam, which is very likely, then your bank may be able to take some action against them.

Should I Ring Back to Find Out Who is Calling Me From This Number?

Calling an unknown number back can be risky. Many scammers hope you will, especially if they have a premium rate phone number. Phone numbers that begin with 09 can be a red flag, as these are typically very expensive to dial.

Beware of short numbers as well as anything that starts with the numbers 5-8. The trickiest premium rate numbers to spot are those that start with 070, as they look just like a mobile number but will cost a lot more to ring. Other numbers to avoid ringing include 0871, 0872, 0873 and 118 numbers. The safest way to find out ‘who called me’ is by using the phone number search bar.

If you are struggling to figure out whose number this is, remember that any legitimate company or service will have more than just your phone number to contact you. For example, your bank could send you an official letter or statement, while a utility provider might follow up with an e-mail. While postal and e-mail scams also exist, you shouldn’t worry too much about a missed call. If it’s really a friend or family member, they can leave a voicemail or send a text.

Never Wonder ‘Whose Number is This?’ Again

It seems that nuisance calls will always be a part of life, but not knowing ‘who called me’ doesn’t have to be. Our reverse phone number search is here to help keep you and other people safe. Share your knowledge and make use of other people’s experiences to never let unknown phone numbers ruin your day again.

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Latest phone numbers reported

  • Mobile phone

    Scam message; saying to click a link about a parcel being shipped. DO NOT click the link. Very clear...

  • 00116

    0011642786….Thus is a scam caller!

  • Landline

    It is Amazon. About Prime delivery that is about to reach your door. I've experienced this exact sam...

    Leeds, United Kingdom
  • Mobile phone

    Hangs up in 4 seconds

  • Mobile phone

    Hangs up after 4 seconds


Top Spam

  • 33 reports

    Reportedly from virgin saying my internet had been hacked Asian woman

    Abingdon, United Kingdom
  • 100 reports

    Called saying that they were from Royal Mail and wanted £1.50 to release a package. I hung up!

  • 40 reports

    SCAM! National Insurance Number about to be suspended. Call back required.

  • 12 reports
    Not-for-profit organisation

    Froze my Lloyds account

    United Kingdom
  • 11 reports
    Fixed line or mobile

    Scammer text message about a credit for my phone bill

    Idaho, United States

Area codes with the highest spam activity

020London area
03UK Wide
08Business Rate
09Premium Rate
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