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The Silent Call – Wangiri Scam And How To Protect Yourself

You might have already heard about the Silent Call scam on the news or from your family members and friends. But do you know how this telephone scam works in practice?

Here is some information that explains in detail how this telephone scam works, and what these con artists are trying to do to you and your money.

The Amazon Prime Scam And How To Avoid It

The police have already received hundreds of complaints across the UK about the Amazon Prime scam. Unfortunately, these complaints are the only the ones that have been reported. Scammers have already attacked thousands of victims, and the figure is rising.

is cold calling illegal?

Our community is increasingly complaining about getting repeated unsolicited phone calls, occurring at any time of day.

The first step in this battle against nuisance calls is to know your rights, so here’s our guide on cold calling to help you sort fact from fiction.

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Latest phone numbers reported

  • Fixed Line

    Think this number is a scam. Stating there from Amazon asking for bank information.

    Gladstone, Australia
  • Mobile phone

    Woman with a strong Indian accent, supposedly by the name of "Amelia", claiming to be calling from V...

    United Kingdom
  • Fixed Line

    Number to state your Internet security had been breached

    Worthing, United Kingdom
  • Mobile phone

    Scam number to say your Internet has been breeched

    United Kingdom
  • 37377919107

    They are disturbing

    Possible scam

Top Spam

  • 1475 reports
    Premium Rate

    99.9% of calls through this number seem to be scams or harrassing, and had the harassing calls been ...

    United Kingdom
  • 4 reports
    Not-for-profit organisation

    Claimed to be from bt. About line charge rental. Told him not with bt he said wil take number off an...

    United Kingdom
  • 16 reports
    Mobile phone

    Got the same "we recently invited you to complete the student outcome survey. blocked and deleted!

  • 15 reports
    Fixed Line

    Lady said she was from Heatplan and needed to service boiler as warranty expiring soon - my boiler i...

    London, United Kingdom
  • 17 reports

    Please get rid of this scum phone number.

Area codes with the highest spam activity

020London area
03UK Wide
08Business Rate
09Premium Rate
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