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Griffith (Australia)

Spam activity for Area Code 0239

Total reports for spam phone numbers found in Griffith 41

Last dangerous phone numbers detected in Griffith

  • 0239936319

    I answered this call and was told that my computer maybe hacked and can they go into my computer remotely and fix it. I said I'm at work now not at home so no. they said when do you get home I said not until after 8pm. they said they would call back. then two days later they called again. Before this call I went to the IT Dept. Where I work and they told me it was a scam don't let them in my computer just hang up. So when they called again I listened to him and it was difficult this guy had a very thick Eastern Indian accent. I listened and when he was done I said I really don't care and don't call me again. He was persistent I said take me off the list. hung up again . they tried again today. Really how do I get them to just stop? I told him I don't believe you leave me alone.

  • 0239546486

    I've had 17 missed calls from this number2039546486

  • 0239924630

    Nothing said, I answered call, & phone went dead from other end.

  • 0239228400

    They left a message in Chinese

  • 0239413425

    This number called me a few weeks ago and I saved it just in case because it cut off as soon as a I answered. Since then, I have been getting calls from suspicious and even international numbers. I think I got on some scammer list as a number that is active.

    Possible scam

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