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Newcastle (Australia)

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Total reports for spam phone numbers found in Newcastle 6

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  • 0241666234

    Called multiple times in a row. I am not in the habit of answering unknown or unexpected calls. People I do business with know that they should communicate via email or sms first.

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  • 0241814422

    0061 241 814422 called today with an automatic message purporting to be Amazon and that they are withdrawing from my bank account an amount of money, the message then went on to offer two different options of call back press one etc., this is the third time this call has been received. DO NOT RESPOND IT IS A SCAM if you press any of the options you will most likely be connected to a PREMIUM LINE on the other side of the world costing you a fortune and you will not realise it until you get the an INVOICE FROM YOUR TELEPHONE COMPANY, so be careful and stay safe.


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