Area Code 028 - Information and activity

Sydney (Australia)

Spam activity for Area Code 028

Total reports for spam phone numbers found in Sydney 8309

Last dangerous phone numbers detected in Sydney

  • Fixed Line

    Who is this number? Found multiple missed calls on my landline today and the other day.

    Sydney, Australia
  • Fixed Line

    Phoning up to 3 times a day for several days. No one speak if you answer the phone and don not say hello.

    Sydney, Australia
  • Fixed Line

    Another scam I did not answer. That's over ### this year alone! Tha k goodness for caller ID. I' m considering scr*pping my landline. So uch for DO NOT CALL. A very dissatified customer.

    Sydney, Australia
  • Fixed Line

    Mary had a little lamb,- it's fleece was black as charcoal,- whenever Mary bent right down it would f*** her up the a*** hole.

    Sydney, Australia
  • Fixed Line

    keep getting calls at least three times a day but no one ever answers. Probably an automated call..

    Engadine, Australia

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