Area Code 0342 - Information and activity

Geelong (Australia)

Spam activity for Area Code 0342

Total reports for spam phone numbers found in Geelong 49

Last dangerous phone numbers detected in Geelong

  • Fixed Line

    Range 3-4 times before could answer, so looked it up. Got outcome that was strange, as do this often, assume calls like that are not anyone known to me and I won't want to talk to them. Though was going to answer this. When looked it up, took me to Queensland numbers, and sites and all numbers nothing like this one.

    Geelong, Australia
  • Fixed Line

    Selling benefit deal soam

    Winchelsea South, Australia
  • Fixed Line

    An Asian man called me today and offered me a new contract with an electricity provider that he allegedly works for. After a few questions that I asked, I noticed he became nervous and that he couldn't give me all the necessary information so I ended the call quickly!

    Winchelsea South, Australia
  • Fixed Line

    This number appears to belong to some energy company that is simply harassing! They keep calling me and just won't take no for an answer! I have no idea why but I keep answering them. Time to block them!

    Wingeel, Australia
  • Fixed Line

    Telemarketers selling electricity services. Wouldn’t tell me the suppliers name even though I asked a few times.

    Geelong, Australia

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