Area Code 0348 - Information and activity

Deniliquin (Australia)

Spam activity for Area Code 0348

Total reports for spam phone numbers found in Deniliquin 2

Last dangerous phone numbers detected in Deniliquin

  • Fixed Line

    This number rings about once or twice a week! There is a dead line for a couple of seconds then a noise sounds, its a bit like a trumpet! Then a far east asian accent guy asks my name (alredy having my details???) and i keep saying im not interested and got no money and hang up! Sometimes he calls back later others its a few days or a week or so! On and off they have been ringing over about 12 to 18 months but its the same guy on about 4 different numbers! He rings any time from 8 am ish up to 9 pm ish! ( must be his "working day) first reaction is to hang up but i might try wasting his time and call fees until its obvious im stringing him along!!

    Blighty, Australia
  • Fixed Line

    I love kainat jee

    Rushworth, Australia

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