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Hobart (Australia)

Spam activity for Area Code 0361

Total reports for spam phone numbers found in Hobart 93

Last dangerous phone numbers detected in Hobart

  • Fixed Line

    I received a call, on my landline, in Western Australia at 02.42pm 19/01/21 from 03 61206133, which is a Hobart landline. The Indian sounding woman told me she was from Telstra and there was a problem with my internet and she had to access my laptop. Even though I am 70 years of age, I'm unlikely to fall for a phone scam, however there are many older folks in Australia who would get caught out by these thieves. The number is hosted by Symbio Networks Pty Ltd, Sydney, so I rang and spoke to someone there and he confirmed it was one of their numbers. He advised me to ring my Provider, Telstra, so Telstra could confirm the call and send a request to Symbio to send a warning to whoever is hosting this number. I sent a scam report to Telstra, with all the details, via the Telstra website. I also sent a msg to Symbio telling them this but, if Telstra takes a long time to act, I urged Symbio to take action as soon as possible, as many other ppl would be receiving these deceitful phone calls right now. Hopefully, Symbio will be able to identify the perps and blacklist them as undesirable customers. I must admit, I did use certain words to refute this woman, and she was momentarily taken aback, however she just said "Do you think I give a flying f***" and ended the call.

    Southwest, Australia
  • Fixed Line

    Looks like the scammers/spammers have a whole new batch of numbers seemingly originating from Hobart, and starting with (03) 6166 ... Just do not answer them, and block these parasites. The calls are "facilitated" by an Australia group called Symbio Networks Pty Ltd who are located in North Sydney, NSW.

    Hobart, Australia
  • Fixed Line

    This is Zap Fitness, a 24 hours open Gym

    Hobart, Australia
  • Fixed Line

    This is Uber driver ringing you to let you know he is waiting

    Hobart, Australia
  • Fixed Line

    Unknown caller calling multiple times.

    Hobart, Australia

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