Area Codes UK

Below you will find a list of geographic area codes in the United Kingdom that are used. The most common format of these numbers is called 4+6. It consists of a zero, plus a four-digit area code at the beginning followed by a six-digit subscriber number that is unique. This format is popularly known as the 4+6 format. Some smaller United Kingdom towns and areas use both the six and the five-digit local number format so you may encounter that format also.

All these numbers start with either 01 or 02 and are generally linked to cities and large towns and are used for homes and business. Numbers that do not start with one of these two prefixes are not linked to a specific area.

These kinds of numbers are popularly called landline, local, national or basic rate numbers.

How much does it cost to call a landline?

Firstly, you should know that the deal you have with your provider is very likely to give you free minutes. Should you place a call to a number that isn’t a part of your phone deal, the cost can vary greatly depending on a number of different factors:

  • The type of number you’re trying to contact.
  • The time of the day when the call is being placed.
  • Which phone operator you are with.
  • The duration of the call and whether you are calling from a mobile phone or a landline.

Calling from a landline

As mentioned above, the call costs can vary, but if you are calling from a landline is usually around 16p per minute. There is also a 'set-up' charge that is usually about 23p, but it can also vary a little. The time of the day when the call is being placed is probably the biggest factor when it comes to calling from landlines. You should check with your provider for any free calls they may provide during specific periods of day, this is very common.

Calling from a mobile

If you call one of these landline numbers from a mobile phone, you should check your phone deal which probably provides you with some free calls, but it depends which numbers are included and if the free calls are limited in some way. If you happen to place a call to a number with the 01 or 02 prefix that isn’t included in your free call package you may be charged anywhere between 3p and 65p per minute.

If you are still not sure about the potential costs of calls and don’t want to risk being overcharged, the best way to avoid this is to check with your service provider.