Area Code 01437 - Information and activity

Phone numbers starting with 01437 belong to landlines from the Clynderwen and Haverfordwest area. Below you will find a list of the most recent reports and other useful information about phone numbers from this area.

Be aware of the fact that some of these numbers are not spam or dangerous. Read the comments provided by the members of our community carefully as they will give you with all the information you may need.

The area code 01437 is used in Clynderwen and Haverfordwest and surroundings:

  • Broad Haven
  • Camrose
  • Clarbeston
  • Clynderwen
  • Haverfordwest
  • Johnston
  • Llawhaden
  • Maenclochog
  • The Rhos
  • St Davids
  • Treffgarne
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Clynderwen and Haverfordwest (United Kingdom)

Spam activity for Area Code 01437

Total reports for spam phone numbers found in Clynderwen and Haverfordwest 60

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Last dangerous phone numbers detected in Clynderwen and Haverfordwest

  • Landline

    Call out of the blue claiming to be Amazon UK. Stated that someone had ordered an IPhone, worth £700, to be delivered to my home address, which they had along with my name and mobile number! Started talking about my bank account being scammed, possibly many times over!! However, when I stated that in no way would I give them my bank details but would contact my bank re this problem they terminated the conversation!01437 is Clynderwen which I think is in Pembrokeshire (Wales),can't imagine Amazon having an office there!!

    Haverfordwest, United Kingdom
  • Landline

    Claimed to be NHS, said my Covid certificate was in the post, then asked for details on my life insurance policies. I hung up, then they called back! Very aggressive.

    Clynderwen (Clunderwen), United Kingdom
  • Landline

    I feel I'm going to have to warn anyone who lives in Haverfordwest in Wales, as this is a local number. I got a phone call from this number , it was an automated message saying that I had made a purchase from Amazon of about 300 pound, press 1. I put the phone down, in case it was a scam. I've found out it probably is. This worried the life out of me, as I don't have much money in my bank account. I most definitely don't have the money to purchase something over 300 pound!!! Horrible people whoever they are. This number is now only bt block list

    Haverfordwest, United Kingdom