Area Code 01483 - Information and activity

Phone numbers starting with 01483 belong to landlines from the Guildford area. Below you will find a list of the most recent reports and other useful information about phone numbers from this area.

Be aware of the fact that some of these numbers are not spam or dangerous. Read the comments provided by the members of our community carefully as they will give you with all the information you may need.

The area code 01483 is used in Guildford and surroundings:

  • Brookwood
  • Clandon
  • Cranleigh
  • East Horsley
  • Godalming
  • Guildford
  • Hascombe
  • Puttenham
  • Shere
  • Woking
  • Worplesdon
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Guildford (United Kingdom)

Spam activity for Area Code 01483

Total reports for spam phone numbers found in Guildford 1057

Most active phone numbers in Guildford


Last dangerous phone numbers detected in Guildford

  • Landline

    Scam call. Have this on my blocked list. Look up other sites that check numbers and you will see that they are a nuisance caller. Number to block is 01483 779 369 Labelled as IDIOTS

    Guildford, United Kingdom
  • Landline

    Silent call scam

    Silent call
    Guildford, United Kingdom
  • Landline

    A SEO company that doesn't accept "No thank you, we don't require your services" I've had several calls from their Guildford offices from several (Now blocked) numbers. Very unprofessional and aggressive, hopefully they will run out of numbers to call me on soon, I need my number clear for clients and not filled with cold callers.

    Guildford, United Kingdom