Area Code 01954 - Information and activity

Phone numbers starting with 01954 belong to landlines from the Madingley area. Below you will find a list of the most recent reports and other useful information about phone numbers from this area.

Be aware of the fact that some of these numbers are not spam or dangerous. Read the comments provided by the members of our community carefully as they will give you with all the information you may need.

The area code 01954 is used in Madingley and surroundings:

  • Caxton
  • Cottenham
  • Crafts Hill
  • Elsworth
  • Madingley
  • Swavesey
  • Willingham
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Madingley (United Kingdom)

Spam activity for Area Code 01954

Total reports for spam phone numbers found in Madingley 153

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Last dangerous phone numbers detected in Madingley

  • Landline

    Called and just played music. Scammer

    Madingley, United Kingdom
  • Landline

    A man called (indian accent) wanting to know if the phone line was still receiving harassing marketing calls, and that he wanted the expiry of my bank card to confirm who I was and to upgrade my service with them to stop harassing calls. They couldn't tell me which bank card, so I refused to give them any details, a manager then took over the call and he also got aggressive and threatening, stating if I didn't give the details my land line would be cut off and when I still wouldn't give any details he said £500pm would be taken from my bank account, without my authority, I stated that that was illegal and he confirmed it would happen, just to wait and see, then thanked me for my time and hung up.Harassing and Dangerous

    Madingley, United Kingdom
  • Landline

    I live outside of the UK and 4 back-to-back phone calls from this number. Luckily I never answered because I know no one from where the number appeared to be.

    Madingley, United Kingdom