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  • Fixed line or mobile

    This is a scammer, attempting to get personal information and card information. The scammer, who has an African accent, asks you to purchase cards ($100 each) from an Apple store. Then, he wants you to read the numbers on the back of each card. For the information, he promises to send you money. To persuade you, the scammer is friendly and has an answer for everything. He's a talker and persistent, calling several times throughout the day. To stop the calls, you have to either turn your cell phone off or turn the volume completely down and, of course, do not answer your phone. Engaging the scammer only invites more calls from him.

    Ohio, United States
  • 012349190317

    This person Ahmed purported to be from Carphone Warehouse. He promised offers regarding the iPhone 12 After contacting CPW they intimidated they had no knowledge of this.

  • Fixed line or mobile

    scammer call me Millions of time

    Ohio, United States

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