Area Code 234 - Information and activity


Spam activity for Area Code 234

Total spam reports found in Ohio: 192

Last dangerous phone numbers detected in Ohio

  • By Anonymous 

    can't stop calling me but I have no idea who this is, I never give my phone number

  • By Anonymous 

    I answered the phone and it was a company telling me my car warranty was up. Well, both of my cars are well over 15 years old. I have never HAD a warranty on them. I told them so, laughed in their faces and hung up. Then blocked the number.

  • By Anonymous 

    Medicare BS. Don't answer.

  • By Anonymous and.i.ame.of.thease.scamer.caller.

  • By Anonymous 

    this is a non-existing number it keeps calling and then I'll hang up it's a non-existing number it is a scam

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