Area Code 305 - Information and activity

Florida (United States)

Spam activity for Area Code 305

Total reports for spam phone numbers found in Florida 860

Last dangerous phone numbers detected in Florida

  • Fixed line or mobile

    Insurance expiration call

    Florida, United States
  • Fixed line or mobile

    it's annoying not interested in their solicitation

    Florida, United States
  • Fixed line or mobile

    Called me and stated my ssn has been use and ask for my name

    Florida, United States
  • Fixed line or mobile

    Another US Scam line out of Florida. Again though I have an International Toll Free Number out of Miami, I am not located there. The line is data only to and from my bank in the US. The phone is never answered. I must have blocked a dozen phone numbers out of Florida, all located in Miami Metro or Orlando.Also no way to connect a name to my phone number. y phone service is in the Nederlands using a Miami number. There is no name address or anything else connected to my phone number. Such is not required in European countries where privacy and security is valued.

    Florida, United States
  • Fixed line or mobile

    The person using this number is claiming to be the country artist Keith Urban and the chat on Facebook messenger and grab your confidence before attempting to get your bank lo gin details.

    Miami, FL, United States

Other area codes used in Florida

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