Area Code 607 - Information and activity

New York (United States)

Spam activity for Area Code 607

Total spam reports found in New York: 628

Last dangerous phone numbers detected in New York

  • By Dapro 

    Basically, this was a guy, I thought it was a girl but I sent a dick pick and they sent one back and I will like ooo cheeky, I like the cheeky type yanno, especially since Im interested in all genders!

    We fell in love pretty fast, messaging everyday, facetiming and playing games with each other, the best part was they looked like a lass whilst being a boy! Bit of both worlds never hurt anyone, flew out to New York to meet them and it was just as expected, a cute trap, sleeves over their hands, smiling with adorable eyes, but she pulled her f***ING COCK OUT INFRONT OF ME IN PUBLIC AND SLAPPED ME WITH IT! she is f***ing insane! she has no limits!

     Owner: Razzkazz

  • By Anonymous 

    spam calls every one hour and day after day

  • By Anonymous 

    I don't know this number

  • By Anonymous 

    Spam robot these numbers 6071921156 6071720936 6071276298

  • By Anonymous 

    please stop calling me

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