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Massachusetts (United States)

Spam activity for Area Code 617

Total reports for spam phone numbers found in Massachusetts 420

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Last dangerous phone numbers detected in Massachusetts

  • Fixed line or mobile

    who is calling me

    Massachusetts, United States
  • Fixed line or mobile

    spamming calls to my number out of control calling my phone several times daily about 30 times daily

    Quincy, MA, United States
  • Fixed line or mobile

    I was called by this number with an offer for a Visa Mastercard Debt relief program which I do not need. It was an automated person. When I said I was not interested, and requested to have my name removed from the calling list; I was immediately transferred to a Live person. I again told the Guy I was not interested; and again I requested to have my name removed from their calling list and asked them not to call again. Rep said "NO" we're not going to take you off of our calling list. I told that I did not want to receive anymore calls from them. He still refused to remove my name.

    Massachusetts, United States

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