Area Code 657 - Information and activity

California (United States)

Spam activity for Area Code 657

Total spam reports found in California: 155

Last dangerous phone numbers detected in California

  • By Anonymous 

    asking for ss number, name

  • By Donald Skeens 

    I'm sick and tired of being messaged about dick pills , and further more I am not interested in Dick pills , and I didn't sign up for that bull cr*p , so it needs to stop and now

     Owner: California

  • By Anonymous 

    they keep texting me apnoctiias stuff

  • By Anonymous 

    Getting a ton of annoying (some even sexual) in content. It was bad enough getting these phone calls, now they come in text messages since there is no method of blocking text messages yet.

  • By Anonymous 

    a scam, threatens to arrest me

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