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California (United States)

Spam activity for Area Code 805

Total reports for spam phone numbers found in California 1421

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  • Fixed line or mobile

    live in the UK asked to call number reprted to be from Microsoft

    Spoofed call
    California, United States
  • Fixed line or mobile

    This caller refers to himself as Frank Kamilu and claims that he is a surgeon working for the United Nations in a military hospital in Iraq. He has sent photographs of himself but these are in fact photographs of Dr Norman Blanco Portillo, whose identity has been used on numerous occasions previously. He claims to have a son Jerry Kamilu who is supposed to be a pupil in the Westminster School, London. There is no such pupil but he uses his "son" to plead for financial help through Apple iTunes cards or Steam Wallet cards.

    California, United States
  • Fixed line or mobile

    The caller refers to himself as Jerry Kamilu and pretends to be a pupil at the Westminster School in London, which he isn't. He has tried to get me to send him money in the form of Apple iTunes or Steam Wallet cards on the pretext that he has now credit.

    California, United States

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