Area Code 830 - Information and activity


Spam activity for Area Code 830

Total spam reports found in Texas: 168

Last dangerous phone numbers detected in Texas

  • By Anonymous 

    Caller claimed to be connected with a government agency (he did not name) to collect an 11 year old debt, saying that an agent would be contacting me in the near future to collect.

    the debt amount he quoted was a little over $100.00 with interest it was over $200.00.

    the individual had my personnel information including my social security number and birth date.

  • By Anonymous 

    this call no answer stayed on phone I called back and it's a unsubscribed number

  • By Anonymous 

    i got called by this number and after I answered there was a long pause, then a lady in a call center said "hi". This is 100 percent spam.

  • By Anonymous 

    health insurance numbers are calling in high volume I need them blocked , I looked into a website just for info and now I cant stop the calls daily one after another . can you please block any health insurance coverage calls

  • By Anonymous 

    apple account scammer

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