Area Code 980 - Information and activity

North Carolina (United States)

Spam activity for Area Code 980

Total spam reports found in North Carolina: 301

Last dangerous phone numbers detected in North Carolina

  • By Anonymous 

    the numbers calls and they say nothing at all but you go to call the number back and it' says it's no longer in service

  • By Anonymous 

    They keep calling although I’ve asked them nicely not too, by message and I also blocked them and there still able to call ALL ABOUT A COMPANY DOING WHAT THEY WANT WITHOUT HAVING TO FOLLOW ANY RULES OR REGS, disgusting

  • By Anonymous 

    Scam Fraud Scam Fraud

  • By Anonymous 

    Got a call today from City Chevrolet from North Carolina.

     Owner: Rick Hendrick City Chevrolet

  • By Anonymous 

    does any one know who this is calling comes up as scam likely

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