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North Carolina (United States)

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Total reports for spam phone numbers found in North Carolina 317

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  • Fixed line or mobile

    Person calls daily, saying he is an employee of PCH , BUT YOU MUST PROMISE NOT to call PCH before he can give you some wonderful information. Once agreed he continues to tell you that you are a sweepstake winner of 1 million dollars. He further goes on to say how he will protect you from people harassing your winnings and all that you need to do is give him 500.00-700.00 dollars and he will take care of everything. NOTE , he asks for your banking institution, etc. and says he will stop by your home to pick up cash which must be put in a Christmas card. This enables him to say its a gift if questioned. Goes on to ensure how he will protect you from others trying to take your winnings. He preys on gullible individuals who are so excited to have won! Makes several calls baiting individual with concerning words all the while pulling as much private financial information as well as medical history, living conditions, etc. BEWARE. BEWARE nothing but a SCAMMER!!!My eighty five year old mother fell for this dupe and just about lost EVERYTHING!!!I called the number once i discovered what events had occurred.......asked for name he had was him and once I confronted him about calls, he denied all and proceeded to use very foul language addressing me then hung up. PLEASE PLEASE spread this around MUSt stop, people NEED to be informed,

    North Carolina, United States
  • Fixed line or mobile

    Medicare Assist 980-300-6589calls all day long and late at night

    North Carolina, United States
  • Fixed line or mobile

    Several unanswered calls.. I let go to vm twice. On the third call, I answered and called hung up. No info on web search. I don't know who this is.

    North Carolina, United States

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