Frequently Asked Questions: CallBlocker


What is CallBlocker?

CallBlocker is an app developed by that identifies and automatically blocks the most dangerous phone numbers in your country. CallBlocker is the most complete call blocking app that can be used to avoid phone scams, unwanted calls and extra charges in your bill. With more than 4.000.000 telephone numbers registered and identified and a community with millions of users.

CallBlocker is a free app available for iPhone and Android.

How does CallBlocker work?

Once installed and the setup has been completed, CallBlocker will run in the background and doesn’t need to be kept open. CallBlocker serves as protection from unwanted calls and is active all the time. If all the permissions needed are enabled, it will provide maximum protection. Just be sure you complete the setup when you install CallBlocker for the first time.

The app updates automatically every Sunday with new dangerous phone numbers, so we can protect you from the newest threats.

How does CallBlocker handle my calls?

  • Outgoing calls - We value your privacy and we don't have access to your outgoing calls, we don’t track your calls and have no information on who you are calling.
  • Incoming calls - Callblocker can either identify the caller when the phone is ringing (so you know if it's safe to answer or not) or simply block it if it's a known spam caller. It depends on your preferences!

What's the difference between identifying and blocking a spam call?

CallBlocker has two ways to deal with spam phone numbers:

  • Identify - the app will automatically identify any potentially dangerous phone number and will inform you in real time to who the number belongs to in a pop-up - all this whilst the call is still ringing. If you didn't get to answer the call, you can see the caller's identity in your latest callers list.
  • Block - the app will automatically block all potentially dangerous phone numbers and you will not be bothered.

You can change how you prefer CallBlocker to handle your calls in "Protection" -> ("Identify" or "Block").

What is the dangerous phone list?

The dangerous phone list is a compilation of phone numbers that might pose a threat to you in some way. This data is stored in a secured database in your phone for quick and easy access. If one of these numbers tries to get in contact with you, it will be either identified and/or blocked by CallBlocker.

The dangerous phone list is different for every country, so make sure you've set the right country in Settings -> Phone region (In-App).

How is the dangerous phone list built?

The dangerous phone list is primarily built from feedback from our users. We also use third party APIs (other companies) to make sure we always have the most up-to-date information. This list is updated many times during the day to include new threats we may detect.

You can update it manually if you go to "Protection" -> "Dangerous phone list" -> "UPDATE NOW" (In-App).

If you do not wish to do so, no worries, CallBlocker updates every Sunday and downloads the newest version of the list so you can always be protected.

How does the credit system work?

Free users have access to almost all functionalities in a limited way:

  • Every Free user receives 75 credits immediately after installing CallBlocker.
  • Every phone number search will deduct 5 credits.
  • Every dangerous phone list update will deduct 5 credits.
  • Every Sunday, the credits are reset and every Free user gets their 75 credits back.
  • If you link your CallBlocker account to your Facebook/Google, we will reward you with extra 15 credits and we will also raise your credit limit to 90 (instead of 75).

Keep in mind that call blocking and reporting phone numbers are completely free and don't have any interaction with the total of your credits. You can block and report as many phone numbers you want!

Premium users, among other advantages, have unlimited credits.

What data does CallBlocker use and process?

Your privacy is very important to us, so we operate as anonymous as possible. This means we don't need any of this:

  • Phone number - We don't need you to verify your phone number for you to use our app. If other call blocking apps ask you to verify your phone number before using their app, think twice about what's the hidden reason for this strange request. We are not interested in knowing your phone number.
  • Contacts - Your Contact list remains stored in your phone, which is where it belongs. We don't send or store a copy of your contact list.
  • Outgoing calls - We don't track who you call, we just care about blocking the spam calls you may receive.

The only thing we receive from you, is the reports you may fill and submit reporting spam calls.

Do I have to verify my phone number to use CallBlocker?

No, unlike our competitors, we do not ask our users to verify their phone number to use our app. That's absolutely not needed for a call blocking app. These tactics may lead to companies to sell your phone number and other personal information to third parties and you might end up having more spam calls than you used to have before!

Our compromise is clear, we don't need or want any personal data from you.

What are the system requirements?

  • Android - You need to have Android 5.4 or higher.
  • iPhone - You need to have iOS 10 or higher. Previous versions of iOS don't allow call blocking.

Do I have to register and sign-in?

No! You can download the app and start using it straight away! There is no login and no registration. We try to keep our app as anonymous as possible.

How CallBlocker works

How can I block a phone number?

To block a phone number in CallBlocker, you can type the phone number in the search bar, press "Search" and then tap the button “Block” button. The number will then be blocked and restricted from contacting you. It will appear on the “Blocked phone numbers” list.

You can also go to "Blocked" and click in "+" and then type the phone number you wish to block.

Alternatively, you can just copy the phone number you wish to block and open CallBlocker, a popup will open asking what you want to do with that number. Just click in "Block".

All blocked numbers can be found on the “Blocked” list.

Is it possible to block a phone number from UnknownPhone?

Actually, yes! Just type the phone number you want to block in the search bar using your mobile device and hit enter. In that new page, please go to the section "How to block calls from *phone number*?" and depending on the phone you have, click in the corresponding "download CallBlocker" button.

  • If you have CallBlocker already installed, the app will open showing you a popup to block that phone number.
  • If you don't have CallBlocker already installed, that link will take you to the App Store/Google Play. Once you downloaded the app and finished setting it up, a popup to block that phone number will appear.

Types of call blocking

Apart of the automatic spam detection through the dangerous phone list, you can also manually add various different types of call blocking:

  • Specific phone number This is the simplest way to block a phone number. Just type in a specific phone number in the search bar and press "Block". You can also go to the section "Blocked" and type the phone number there by pressing "+" and clicking "Block".
  • A phone number from your contact list You can choose to block any phone number stored in your contact list just by searching that contact in "Contacts" (in-App) and by clicking "Block".
  • General blocks (only for Android users):
    • International calls - blocks all incoming calls from abroad. This means if you are from the United Kingdom, all incoming calls from other countries will be automatically blocked.
    • Phone numbers that are not on your contact list - blocks all incoming calls from numbers that are not registered in your Contact list.
    • Block hidden calls - blocks all calls that attempted to hide their phone number prior to calling. This functionality is very important, as many scammers try to hide their phone number so you can't know from where they are calling.
    • Block all incoming calls - literally, blocks all incoming calls. All. Be careful when you use this option as it will block "all" calls, spam or not spam. This feature is useful in very specific cases e.g.: a coordinated attack on your phone number. The difference between this mode and the "Airplane mode" from your phone, is that this mode will still allow you to call people.
  • Other types of blocking (only for Android):
    • Recently contacted numbers - select and block any phone number from your recent call log.
    • Phone numbers starting with... - with this option you can block any number starting with specific digits. Example: "Block all phone numbers starting with 0843".

How to unblock a phone number?

If you have blocked a phone number by mistake or want to unblock a number you have previously blocked, you can find the blocked numbers in the “Blocked” section. You can easily unblock a phone number by tapping on the number and then tapping on “Unblock”.

How can I know who called me?

If you have activated "Identify all potentially dangerous phone numbers", the identity of the caller with appear in your screen at the same time your phone is ringing.

If you didn't get to see the phone while it was ringing, you can check who called you by going to your Call Log (Android) or by copying and pasting the phone number into CallBlocker (iPhone).

If you just want to know the identity of a phone number and this number hasn't called you. Just type that phone number in the "Search" bar and press "Enter". If we know who is the owner of that phone number, it will appear in the top of the comments section.

who-called-me-identification-ios who-called-me-identification-android

How to report an unsolicited call? How do I report a dangerous phone number?

The reporting process is very simple. In order to report an unsolicited call or a dangerous phone number, you can type it (or copy it from your calls) and paste it in the search bar, press "Search" and then tap the button “Report”.

You will then be asked to share your report about that particular phone number and optionally share any other details about that phone number. Important information to report may be:

  • Who does the number belong to - or at least who they said they are
  • When was the call placed - if you received a call in the middle of the night, in the early morning or any strange time
  • What made you think the number is potentially dangerous - if someone threatened you, if you have realized you were talking to someone who potentially isn’t who they said they are etc.

Experiences with unsolicited calls vary, so please share any information you feel is important when writing a report.

How to block hidden phone numbers?

You can block hidden numbers if you go to "Global" and then click in the option "Block hidden phone numbers". This means all callers that try to call you and hide their phone number will be automatically blocked and their call rejected. This is a very useful option and it's a great idea to have it activated, as most scammers hide their phone number to avoid being tracked.

Unfortunately, this option is only available for Android devices, as Apple does not allow developers to implement this feature.

Types of users

There are two types of users in CallBlocker:

  • Free users
    • Have 75 credits per week.
    • Automatic detection of up to 300 dangerous phone numbers.
    • Up to 5 results per phone number.
  • Premium users
    • Unlimited credits. Get information for all the phone numbers you want.
    • Automatic detection and block of up to 2000 dangerous phone numbers.
    • Access without limitations all our records for any phone number.
    • No Ads.

To become a Premium user and enjoy the peace of mind that our maximum protection offers you need to purchase a Subscription. You can do this by going to "Protection" and click on "GO PREMIUM!".

What permissions are needed by CallBlocker to run?

To get the most out of CallBlocker and enjoy its maximum protection, there are some permissions you need to activate in your phone, this depends if you have an Android or an iPhone.

Permissions (Android)

  • Phone / Call Log - this is required so that CallBlocker can see your incoming calls and check for spam and/or potentially dangerous numbers.
  • Draw Over Other Apps (optional) - this is only requested if instead of getting the dangerous calls blocked, you prefer to see a popup in real time as your phone rings saying who the caller is.
  • Notifications (optional) - used to keep you informed about any potential threat we may detect or background activity we may perform. Example: CallBlocker automatically updated the dangerous phone list.
  • Contacts (optional) - used to block phone numbers stored in your Contact list. We remind you that we do not download or store your contact list anywhere.

Permissions (iPhone)

  • CallBlocking & Identification - in order to allow CallBlocker to work as a call blocking extension in your iPhone, you need to activate this feature. When you install the app for the first time, a short guide explaining how to do this will be shown to you. If you have doubts you can check our guide to "Activate Call Blocking & Identification". It's very important you have this activated as otherwise most of CallBlocker's features will not be able to work properly.
  • Notifications (optional) - used to keep you informed about any potential threat we may detect or background activity we may perform. Example: CallBlocker automatically updated the dangerous phone list.
  • Contacts (optional) - used to block phone numbers stored in your Contact list. We remind you that we do not download or store your contact list anywhere.

Other questions

Is CallBlocker a free app?

CallBlocker is a free app, however we offer a subscription for users who need extra protection. Premium users have access to unlimited protection.

Where can I download CallBlocker?

How many users have downloaded CallBlocker?

Last year we had more than 1 million downloads for Android and iPhone. We are the fastest growing call blocking app in the market.

How do I enable "Call Blocking & Identification"?

The first time you install Call Blocker in your iPhone, you will be greeted by a setup guide with 4 simple steps. Please follow those steps in order to have CallBlocker fully operational in your iPhone. These steps are a requirement from Apple in order to allow third-party apps to block and identify spam calls for iPhone.

  • Please, go to "Settings"
  • Then, scroll down and go to "Phone"
  • Now, click on "Call Blocking & Identification"
  • Activate "CallBlocker"

Now CallBlocker is fully operational in your iPhone and will be protecting you from unwanted calls.

step-1-callblock-and-identification step-2-callblock-and-identification step-3-callblock-and-identification step-4-callblock-and-identification

If you are an Android user, no worries! The call blocking feature will be enabled automatically without any special permissions.

Is it possible to know how many times a blocked phone number has called me?

In order to protect our users' privacy, we can't know how many times a phone number has been blocked.

Is it possible to find out a person’s exact location?

No, it is not possible to find out anybody’s exact location just by their phone number, we respect everybody’s privacy, including yours. If you get a call from a landline, CallBlocker will inform you from which area the call was, based on the number’s area code.

How to import a phone number into the Call Log?

Due to Apple's policies, iPhone apps don't have access to the Call Log. This means we can't load your most recent calls in the app.

To make the process of checking a phone number easier, if you copy a phone number and open CallBlocker, it will be detected immediately and you will be asked what do you want to do with it (Search for more information or simply block it)

step-1-detection step-2-detection step-3-detection step-4-detection

In Android you don't need to follow this process as your recent calls will automatically load in CallBlocker. However, in case you want to check any other phone number that is not listed in your Call Log, you can also copy that number and open CallBlocker.

How do I uninstall CallBlocker?

If you don't want to use our app anymore, you can just uninstall it by holding the icon and then press the "delete" button as you would do with any other app in your phone.

We are always looking to improve, so if you could please send us an email and tell us what lead you to uninstall our app, it will help us a lot!


CallBlocker didn't block a call

You have to be sure all the special permissions needed for call blocking are on. Please see "What permissions are needed by CallBlocker to run?" and verify you have those permissions enabled.

Also, please be sure in "Settings" -> "Phone region" you have your country and language selected.

Some spam numbers that have been inactive for a while, are not included in our dangerous phone list so we don't overload your phone making it slower.

Another reason might be that the phone number is not yet in our database, we can’t have all dangerous phone numbers, a lot of new potentially dangerous numbers emerge every day and we do our best to list them all. Please, write a report on the number you think or know is dangerous and contribute to our community.

CallBlocker doesn't have info for a phone number

Please check in "Settings" if you have selected the right country and search language to verify you are searching in the right database. If there is still no information about that phone number and you certainly know it's a spam call, please help other users and report it. There are thousands of new spam phone numbers appearing every day and we do our best to keep track of them all, please help us!

The blocked calls go to the voicemail

When a phone number is blocked, depending on your phone company and your phone settings, your phone may redirect a blocked call to your "Voicemail" assuming you were just busy instead of rejecting the call. We can't do anything about this, as we can't reroute your calls. Please get in touch with your phone company and request them to not send blocked calls to your voicemail.

I can’t activate "Call Blocking & Identification"

If you are experiencing difficulties with manually enabling call blocking on your iPhone, the reason for that may be listed below:

  • Outdated iOS - update your operating system to the latest version.
  • Insufficient storage on your iPhone - check if you have enough storage room on your iPhone in "Settings" -> "General" -> "iPhone storage".
  • Your iPhone is jailbroken - many apps do not work properly on jailbroken iPhones. Please, reinstall the latest and official iOS version.

If you checked all the reasons above and you are still experiencing problems, try reinstalling the app.

If you are a Premium user, please note that sometimes when you upgrade your iPhone and transfer all your apps to your new phone, iOS might not detect you as a Premium user. If this is the case, please go to "Settings" and click in "Restore Purchases" or simply reinstall CallBlocker.

How can I get in touch with the team?

If you have more questions, please feel free to contact us by going to "Settings" -> "Contact us" inside CallBlocker or just fill the contact form in our website, we will get back to you as soon as we can. We are working with a very high volume of requests, so please be sure your question hasn't been answered before.