Hall of Shame: UK Area Codes Home to Most Spam Calls

Despite our valiant attempts and efforts to block spam phone numbers, it seems us Brits still can’t escape the scourge of nuisance callers. With Google Trends data showing that searches for ‘who called me uk number’ have risen by 160% in the last 12 months, it’s clear that the problem isn't stopping anytime soon. But which area codes are most common amongst the numbers being considered as spam? To find this out, we conducted a data study which answers this very question.

uk hall of shame callers by area code

The Top 3 Area Codes with the Most Spam Numbers

Leading with 628,200 visits in the last year, numbers starting with the London area code of 020, exhibited the most spam-like behaviour.

Greater Manchester follows behind with 268,070 visits occurring for numbers starting with 0161. Some of the most common spam related activity being reported on Unknownphone.com for this area code include: debt management, lottery and boiler scams.

Taking third place for the area code with the most caller spam activity is 0191, with visits for numbers from this location in the last 12 months totalling 162,340. This area code covers Newcastle and its surrounding areas including cities such as Durham and Sunderland.

Tips to Avoid Falling Victim to Spam Calls

Alberto Edroso Jarne the CEO of Unknownphone.com, has provided his top three tips in the hope of helping people avoid and reduce the number of spam calls they receive:

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