About UnknownPhone

Unknownphone.com was created in 2011 by Alberto Edroso Jarne, a graduate in computer science who was looking for his first job in the industry, which after registering in some of the most well known jobs and recruitment websites, started to receive a lot of unwanted calls. Our website was born with the intention of helping people to know if who was calling them was a legit call or not.

Our mission is to create a community where you don't need to register with your email (or give us any type of personal information) and you can get information and report phone numbers along helping other users to know who is behind an unknown phone number. We have saved our users millions of pounds in potential scams!

In 2021 so far we have registered an increase in 30% in spam calls compared to the previous year.

Unknownphone is available in 24 languages — including English, Spanish, German, Italian, French, Russian, Swedish, Polish, Portuguese, Dutch, Norwegian, Czech, Indonesian, Chinese, Japanese, Hebrew, Turkish, Hungarian, Finnish, Danish, Thai, Greek, Slovakian and Romanian. We have registered more than 6,000,000 spam phone numbers.

In 2017 we launched our own call blocking app for iOS and Android named Call Blocker. As of October 2021, we've had over 1,000,000 yearly downloads and growing, our app has an aggregated rating of 4.5 out of 5 with more than 50,000 independent reviews. Sticking to our promise of not requesting any personal data of yours, Call Blocker is one of the few call blocking apps in the market which doesn't require you to confirm your phone number in order to use it (trust us, this is very important! Some companies might sell your data and you might end up having more spam calls than you had before installing their app!)

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