Mobile Area Code 07537


Most mobile numbers in the UK starting with 07537 belong to the Three network. Phone numbers can be moved between networks so determining the number’s operator by its five-digit prefix is not always the most reliable method.

Below you will find a list of the most recent reports for mobile numbers starting with the 07537 mobile area code, as well as the total number of spam phone numbers with that prefix.

Please be aware of the fact that some of these numbers are not dangerous. Read the comments provided by the members of our community carefully as they will provide you all the information you may need. Also, if you have any additional information regarding any potentially dangerous phone number, please feel free to report it.

Spam activity for mobile numbers starting with 07537

Total reports for mobile numbers starting with 075371339

Most active phone numbers starting with 07537


Last phone numbers reported starting with 07537

  • Mobile phone

    WhatsApp message claiming to be my son. His phone was broken and this was his new number but he needed my help as he needed to make a payment but his files were frozen due to the new number so could I pay £1125 for him to Andreas Varga for a new laptop and phone. My son is on Thailand so asked if it was a Thailand phone they said yes but searched the prefix to discover the network was stour marine which is uk based. Asked them loads of questions that they didn’t respond to just kept saying that he was really stressed amd needed my help amd I wasn’t helping by asking questions so could I just make the payment

    United Kingdom
  • Mobile phone

    Kindly informed me that my National Insurance number is going to be suspended if I hang up

    United Kingdom
  • Mobile phone

    Via What’s ApHi MumThis is my new phone number............Not from my children . Googled it scam. If they get a response they ask for a loan because the new phone won’t get internet etc.

    United Kingdom

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