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The Silent Call – Wangiri Scam And How To Protect Yourself

The Silent Call Wangiri scam is a dangerous telephone scam that can drain your bank account. This phone scam might be straightforward in its execution, but the cost to victims can be astronomical. 

The cost of overall telephone fraud is estimated at €29 Billion every year.  Out of all the telephone scams around, the Silent Call Scam is one of the most common ones in the UK.

The Silent Call Scam started in Japan. It is called Wangiri, which means “one ring and cut”. The aim is to trick you into calling back a missed call and then charge you on a premium rate.

The Silent Call - Wangiri Scam
The Silent Call – Wangiri Scam
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The Amazon Prime Scam And How To Avoid It

Have you heard about the Amazon Prime Scam? If you haven’t, you need to read this article. Learn the easy tips that can help you avoid the latest scam hitting the UK. Prevention is your magical key to stop these scammers affecting your life and your bank balance.

You might think that you are savvy enough to avoid the Amazon Prime telephone scam. But the scammers are smooth-talking criminals. They have no conscience about targeting the most vulnerable in our society. 

Amazon Prime scam affecting the most vulnerable

Amazon Prime Scam – The Shocking Details

The global giant Amazon is now a household name. Its popularity has managed to create a high level of trust with us all. Unfortunately, the scammers are using this trust to target victims. Their job is to steal your money and personal information.

The police have already received hundreds of complaints across the UK about the Amazon Prime scam. Unfortunately, these complaints are the only the ones that have been reported. Scammers have already attacked thousands of victims, and the figure is rising.

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The dangerous rise of the HMRC scam

Just got a call from HMRC stating you owe them money? We have noticed an extraordinary increase of reports concerning HMRC calls, be aware these type of calls are known as HMRC scam.

How does the HMRC scam work? What if its actually the HMRC calling me?

The scam mostly consists in an automated phone call with a prerecorded voice letting you know that you are under investigation from HMRC over an unpaid bill. The message threatens people of taking serious legal actions against them, even claiming that their house is under surveillance. The target is asked to contact urgently a phone number usually based in London, otherwise serious legal consequences will occur.

HMRC Scam related tweets

When calling back the phone number given,  the interlocutor (generally an indian) is particularly threatening. They always follow the same long script regarding the target’s alleged debt. The worried victims are then persuade into settling the debt immediately by disclosing their credit card details.

More recently, this scam has taken a new turn with the increase of fake text messages claiming to be HMRC and offering cash rebates. A link to a dangerous website is often attached to the text. Accessing the website can result in the spread of malware and the leak of the victim’s personal information. Continue reading “The dangerous rise of the HMRC scam” »