The Silent Call – Wangiri Scam And How To Protect Yourself

The Silent Call Wangiri scam is a dangerous telephone scam that can drain your bank account. This phone scam might be straightforward in its execution, but the cost to victims can be astronomical. 

The cost of overall telephone fraud is estimated at €29 Billion every year.  Out of all the telephone scams around, the Silent Call Scam is one of the most common ones in the UK.

The Silent Call Scam started in Japan. It is called Wangiri, which means “one ring and cut”. The aim is to trick you into calling back a missed call and then charge you on a premium rate.

The Silent Call - Wangiri Scam
The Silent Call – Wangiri Scam

What Is The Silent Call Scam?

You might have already heard about the Silent Call scam on the news or from your family members and friends. But do you know how this telephone scam works in practice?  

Here is some information that explains in detail how this telephone scam works, and what these con artists are trying to do to you and your money. 

How The Silent Call Wangiri Scam Works

  • The name of the scam explains precisely how the Silent Call scam works. You will receive a call on your landline or mobile, it rings for a few seconds and then cuts off. When you check, you find you have a missed call on your answerphone. You are curious to know who called you.
  • You end up receiving more and more calls as the scammers play with your natural human curiosity. All the calls ring for a few seconds and then hang up. You start wondering who could be calling you and if it was an urgent call. The list of missed calls beckons you to call back.
  • A small percentage of us will return a missed call. Generating this concern and worry is what the scammers are hoping to achieve by tricking their victims. This scam gives a whole new meaning to curiosity killed the cat. In this case, it will strip you of your valuable money.
  • If you decide to call the number back, you will be charged ridiculously high connection fees since you are actually calling an international phone number. Also, the call is sent to a premium rate number located somewhere abroad. Once this has happened, you will receive a whopping bill from your telephone company for the call.
  • Sadly, these telephone thieves monitor when people return a missed call. They then target you even further by directing more calls to you, in the hope that you will reply to more of them. 
Recognise The Silent Call - Wangiri Scam
Recognise The Silent Call – Wangiri Scam

How To Recognise The Silent Call – Wangiri Scam

We recommend that you use our easy tips below to help you recognise the Silent Call scam and keep yourself, your family and friends protected from these crafty scammers. After all, forewarned is forearmed. 

  • The call only rings once.
  • The international country code seems unusual (if there is a “+” or a “00” in front of the phone number, its an international call).
  • The call occurs during regular office hours or at night. (The scammers want to leave a missed call, so they try to telephone you when you are not available). 
  • If it is a “genuine” call, they will typically leave a message for you or call you back later.
  • Your telephone bill seems more expensive than usual. If this is the case, check the itemised calls on your bill.
Protect Yourself From The Silent Call Scam

Tips To Protect Yourself From The Silent Call Scam

The scammers want to entice you into their trap. They want to take as much money from you as they can. Knowing how to protect yourself from the Silent Call Scam could save you not only money, but the stress involved when dealing with these professional criminals.

As this telephone scam is so simple, there are only a few essential things that you need to do to protect yourself from becoming a victim. You can take direct action to protect yourself. Use these tips to get you started. 

Tip #1 – Do Not Return Any Missed Calls

It is a brutal decision, but you could decide not to return any calls at all. It is simple and effective. Why take the risk of losing your money? If the phone number is not in your contact list, do not call back.

Tip #2 – Ask Your Phone Company To Place A Price Cap On Calls

If you are worried about the calls, you can contact your phone company. You can ask them to put a price cap on your calls. They can put this cap on your telephone in case of a scam, and it will automatically cut any suspicious activity.

Tip #3 – Block Unwanted Calls

If you are not comfortable with your telephone company capping your telephone and you prefer to have more control yourself, a call blocker is probably the best thing for you.

A professional call blocker can actively screen your calls. It can take away any stress or worry about being scammed. Also, it won’t affect the important calls you want to receive from your family and friends.

In Conclusion

Don’t be afraid about the Silent Call (Wangiri) scam affecting you. The criminals may be professional, but if you remember to recognise the suspicious signs, you can stop yourself becoming a victim.

Also, if you hear from people you know that are affected as well, don’t worry. The scammers have not hacked your telephone address book. It is a common scam that is doing the rounds in the UK, and so you will hear more about it.

If you want to protect yourself further, you can do the following:-

  • Never return any missed calls.
  • Place a price cap on your calls.
  • Use a call blocker for peace of mind. 

Please help others by sharing your experiences with the Silent Call scam, in the comments section below. 

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  1. peggy hill

    I was contacted today and told that I had one and some may be here by 1 but they wanted me to give them money so I was going to wait till Monday to report it to publishers clearing House cuz I’m thinking about it be there every weekend

    1. Corrado

      Il + 373 ha chiamato anche me ma io uso l app di hiya prò comprata x 15 euro funziona benissimo ho finito i miei problemi

  2. Jessica

    I’m trying to use the I’m guessing my iPhone is not new enough I have an iPhone 8 I don’t have the option they give me to enable them. And can’t find how to email them

    1. Rrg

      This happened to me and now I have 3 people hacking everything I own selling my data all over the internet ads buissness account and my cash app hacked pay pal account hacked social media sites and emails for 5 years now same people pammie bones and Erika Williams and Marie curie Adam Bryant Douglas chowing it’s ridiculous my utilities bill cable internet service and my health insurance and money theft credit card fraud identity theft this is non stop I’m constantly using screentime does anyone know what I can do cause the cops aren’t helping me out they just write a report


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