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The broadband or internet scam has been around for a while now. Previously, the call would be from a recorded message asking you to press a button to speak to one of their agents as they have detected some issues with your internet connection.

More recently, the scammers have been calling their targets directly claiming to be from your broadband provider. They will tell you that there is an issue with your connection and you need to download software onto your PC or phone. This is an attempt to gain access to your device.

After this is done, they will have full control of your device and they will be able to log in to your online banking, steal your personal details, or ask you to pay a ransom to have a virus removed.

Another method the scammers use will be to inform you that your internet will be cut off due to required maintenance. This will then lead to asking you for personal or banking details.

Broadband activity is high

Broadband calls activity right now is high


The best way to measure how popular a scam is a scam, it's to measure how many calls have been made.



Calls Received in the past 24h



Calls received in the past 30 days

Calls detected in the last 24 hours

Calls detected in the last 30 days


This is the top 10 of cities where these type of scams originated in the previous month.

uk map

13830 Calls

London, UK

2888 Calls

Birmingham, UK

1996 Calls

Northern Ireland, UK

1864 Calls

Manchester, UK

1276 Calls

Newcastle, UK

982 Calls

Liverpool, UK

692 Calls

Leeds, UK

616 Calls

Alton, UK

602 Calls

Glasgow, UK

587 Calls

Bodmin, UK

  1. London 13830 calls

  2. Birmingham 2888 calls

  3. Northern Ireland 1996 calls

  4. Manchester 1864 calls

  5. Newcastle, Sunderland and Durham 1276 calls

  6. Liverpool 982 calls

  7. Leeds 692 calls

  8. Alton 616 calls

  9. Glasgow 602 calls

  10. Bodmin 587 calls


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