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A caller claiming to be from the security and fraud department of Visa, Mastercard, or your credit card company informing you that they have noticed unusual activity on your account.

The Credit Card scam is an attempt to gain access to your account or find out your personal details. They will say your card has been used to make purchases abroad, like Ebay in Spain for example. Asking you to confirm this wasn’t you, the scammer may ask you if you have the card in your possession, and ask you to prove it by providing them with the card details including the three-digit number at the back.

After you do so, the scammer will use your details to make purchases or transfer as much cash as they can into their own account. Card details aren’t the only thing the scammers are after, providing any personal details can be used by the scammer to commit identity theft.

Credit Card activity is high

Credit Card calls activity right now is high


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Calls detected in the last 30 days


This is the top 10 of cities where these type of scams originated in the previous month.

uk map

140 Calls

London, UK

106 Calls

Brighton, UK

69 Calls

Birmingham, UK

25 Calls

Edinburgh, UK

18 Calls

Newcastle, UK

15 Calls

Glasgow, UK

12 Calls

Southampton, UK

10 Calls

Manchester, UK

10 Calls

Leeds, UK

  1. London 140 calls

  2. Brighton 106 calls

  3. Birmingham 69 calls

  4. Edinburgh 25 calls

  5. Newcastle, Sunderland and Durham 18 calls

  6. Bath 18 calls

  7. Glasgow 15 calls

  8. Southampton and Portsmouth 12 calls

  9. Manchester 10 calls

  10. Leeds 10 calls


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