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The debt collection scam consists of receiving a phone call from a random number with the caller claiming you owe a sum of money. Pretending to be a law enforcement officer, lawyer, or debt collection agency they will try and convince you that If you don’t pay, you will be in a lot of trouble.

Of course, this is entirely fictional, and no money is owed to these alleged companies. The scammers prey on particularly vulnerable people they can intimidate, including the elderly. Known to become quite aggressive on the call, the scammers claim you need to pay immediately and will ask for your credit card or bank details to make the payment. If you do make any sort of payment, they will either empty your account or call every couple of days demanding more payments.

Another method they will ask you to pay is by online gift cards, this is a tell-tale sign it’s a scam as no legitimate company would ask for this type of payment method.

Debt activity is low

Debt calls activity right now is low


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Calls detected in the past 30 days

Calls detected in the last 24 hours

Calls detected in the last 30 days


This is the top 10 of cities where the Debt scam originated in the previous month.

uk map

10,575 Calls

Manchester, UK

9,280 Calls

London, UK

6,301 Calls

Glasgow, UK

4,754 Calls

Aberdeen, UK

3,835 Calls

Liverpool, UK

3,318 Calls

Leeds, UK

2,117 Calls

Bolton, UK

2,054 Calls

Edinburgh, UK

  1. Manchester 10,575 calls

  2. Loughborough 9,777 calls

  3. London 9,280 calls

  4. Glasgow 6,301 calls

  5. Aberdeen 4,754 calls

  6. Liverpool 3,835 calls

  7. Leeds 3,318 calls

  8. Blackpool 2,916 calls

  9. Bolton 2,117 calls

  10. Edinburgh 2,054 calls


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