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Criminals are calling and texting unsuspecting consumers posing as companies like Hermes, Royal Mail, and the Post Office informing them they have missed delivery at their home.

The scammers will then ask you to pay a missed delivery fee over the phone or direct you to a website where it will ask you to make a payment with your bank or credit card. The website will look legitimate to a real delivery company.

Usually, the fee will be small so you are more likely to pay. This isn’t where the scammers make their money, they are after your card details. When you pay over the phone or through their website, they will empty your bank account using your credit card information.

Another tactic they use is to send you a link to track your delivery or download their app to do so. This is malicious software that scammers can use to access your device and steal your identity or access your online banking.

Parcel Delivery activity is high

Parcel Delivery calls activity right now is high


The best way to measure how popular a scam is a scam, it's to measure how many calls have been made.



Calls Received in the past 24h



Calls received in the past 30 days

Calls detected in the last 24 hours

Calls detected in the last 30 days


This is the top 10 of cities where these type of scams originated in the previous month.

uk map

2099 Calls

London, UK

360 Calls

Coventry, UK

238 Calls

Oxford, UK

137 Calls

Derby, UK

136 Calls

Scarborough, UK

104 Calls

Tamworth, UK

76 Calls

Birmingham, UK

75 Calls

Aberdeen, UK

  1. London 2099 calls

  2. Coventry 360 calls

  3. High Wycombe 307 calls

  4. Oxford 238 calls

  5. Derby 137 calls

  6. Scarborough 136 calls

  7. Slough 120 calls

  8. Tamworth 104 calls

  9. Birmingham 76 calls

  10. Aberdeen 75 calls


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