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The Paypal call scam is typically a call from an automated machine asking you to press a number to speak to one of their agents.

The agent is a scammer that will inform you that there has been an unusual activity of some sort on your account and it’s at risk of being shut down. This includes illegal usage, an attempt to send a large amount of money or making a purchase. Anyone hearing this who has a Paypal account is likely to panic and stop this from taking place, this is exactly what the scammer wants.

After confirming it wasn’t you who made the payments, the scammer will ask you to verify it’s your account by giving them personal details. If they gain access to your Paypal account they will take everything in it. If you receive a call from someone claiming to be from Paypal, you should hang up and give them a call directly.

Paypal activity is low

Paypal calls activity right now is low


The best way to measure how popular a scam is a scam, it's to measure how many calls have been made.


Calls Received in the past 24h


Calls received in the past 30 days

Calls detected in the last 24 hours

Calls detected in the last 30 days


This is the top 10 of cities where these type of scams originated in the previous month.

uk map

72 Calls

London, UK

50 Calls

Glasgow, UK

7 Calls

Preston, UK

5 Calls

Manchester, UK

4 Calls

Bournemouth, UK

3 Calls

Hull, UK

  1. London 72 calls

  2. Glasgow 50 calls

  3. Preston 7 calls

  4. Aldershot 7 calls

  5. Manchester 5 calls

  6. Bournemouth 4 calls

  7. Hull 3 calls

  8. Shrewsbury 2 calls

  9. Bradford 2 calls


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