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PPI (Payment Protection Insurance) calls have been one of the most common types of spam calls in the past few years. Companies have been mass calling people, either using automated messages or calling in person.

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) announced you can’t claim any PPI back from before 2019. Many PPI companies sprung up out of nowhere looking to make some fast cash by telling people they can claim back their money from the banks on their behalf. They will tell you it doesn’t cost you anything for them to do this. Of course, if you are entitled to any money back they will take a hefty cut.

The irony of this is that these companies are irrelevant, as you can claim back PPI free of charge directly from your bank. Unfortunately, the banks have been keeping quiet about this, as have the PPI companies. This is going against the FCA’s Treating Customers Fairly principle.

PPI activity is low

PPI calls activity right now is low


The best way to measure how popular a scam is a scam, it's to measure how many calls have been made.



Calls Received in the past 24h



Calls received in the past 30 days

Calls detected in the last 24 hours

Calls detected in the last 30 days


This is the top 10 of cities where these type of scams originated in the previous month.

uk map

1332 Calls

Manchester, UK

639 Calls

London, UK

181 Calls

Leicester, UK

168 Calls

Sheffield, UK

69 Calls

Newcastle, UK

63 Calls

Swansea, UK

54 Calls

Liverpool, UK

  1. Manchester 1332 calls

  2. London 639 calls

  3. Leicester 181 calls

  4. Sheffield 168 calls

  5. Colchester 114 calls

  6. Northampton 73 calls

  7. Newcastle, Sunderland and Durham 69 calls

  8. Swansea 63 calls

  9. Liverpool 54 calls

  10. Worthing 45 calls


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