Who called me from 0001?

We have registered 8 reports and 933 lookups for this phone number and our community has rated it as a dangerous caller (1 rating). Please note this number doesn't have a valid phone format, the first part of this number seems to be an incomplete phone number or an area code.

On this page 1 user rated this phone number as Dangerous.

The most used words in our users' reports are Computer (3 times), Problem (3 times), Microsoft (1 time), International (1 time), Recorded (1 time) and Internet (1 time).

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Is 0001 a valid phone number?

⚠️️ Please note this is not a valid phone number, it's the international dialing code for United States and Canada (+1). Please, search in the top search box the full phone number that called you. If you actually received a call from this exact same phone number (0001), it's definitely a spoofed call mostly used by scammers.

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Total reports: 8
Total searches: 933
Last search:13 hours ago
Total ratings: 1

User reports

  • By Anonymous 

    rung 3 days in a row at 2am in the morning, hang up as soon as phone is answered

  • By Anonymous 

    Keep receiving strange phone calls from this number

  • By Anonymous 

    These people are driving me crazy!! They call 4 times a day it rings once or twice and hangs up and if I get to answer there is no one on the line 😡

  • By Anonymous 

    0001### recorded message says I am your internet provider and will be closing your facility down

  • By Anonymous 

    I don't know why i am getting calls from this number?

  • By Anonymous 

    This phone number keeps calling my grandmothers phone and when we pick up they say nothing, we hang up then exactly one second after they call back again and it keep happening so there is nothing we can do about it. Might be someone tapped into our phones though

  • By Anonymous 

    Had 4 or more calls from this or other international or unavailable number in last two days
    ### does not work on them.

  • By Anonymous 

    Told me they were from Microsoft and there has been problems with my computer over the last few days- advise my computer has not been switched and therefore there can't be a problem. The person on the other end of the phone then became rude and aggressive and told me it's not his problem. I asked how can there be a problem if I haven't switch my computer on - he told be he as an expert and he knows what he is talking about.

    I must admit I got rude and aggressive back and slammed the phone down!!


How to block calls from 0001?

If you want to block the calls from 0001 and protect your phone against other potential scams, you can download our app CallBlocker, which automatically identifies and blocks all spam calls that we detect on our website. CallBlocker is a free app, in the last year we have had more than 1 million downloads! You can find out more about our app in our FAQ.

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