Who called me from 01248?

💡BT Scam
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  • By Anonymous 

    Received call regarding BT internet. Scam!. Not the first time. Same No. 01248 249919.

  • By Anonymous 

    Please report 01248 820502 scam regarding bt internet not secure

  • By Anonymous 

    I have received several calls from this code all starting 01248 but with different endings. they are all scams, when I told one that I was going to report him, he hung up very quickly.

  • By Anonymous 

    01248 921372 - Called today at noon. An Indian/pak*stani with a Northern accent, but who could barely speak a full sentence of English/ "This is Cyrus Walker from B.T., yeah? I'm ringing today about your internet yeah? It's gonna be cut off..." At which point I hung up. I am with Talk Talk so what a load of rubbish.

  • By Anonymous 

    01248 788664 called to tell me my internet would be cut off if I didn't ring their number. I didn't.

  • By Anonymous 

    Had phone call today from 01248 729842 said they were B.T and my internet was being cut off at 1p.m and to dial 1 to sort this well I never bothered thought it a scam sure was as its now 14.40 hours and internet is o.k

  • By Anonymous 

    please stop this number from calling me!

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