Who called me from 01273099300?

💡Sky Scam
📍Brighton, United Kingdom
Fixed Line
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  • By Anonymous 

    Asked me about sky insurance, I don't have sky, presume it's a scam, THIEVES.

  • By Anonymous 

    Had a call today saying my washing machine cover had expired, I asked them what company it was, he said home service. I don’t have washing machine cover so I asked him what machine I had, he said Bosch. I have several Bosch appliances but my washing machine is a Samsung!! When I said it wasn’t Bosch he hung up

  • By Anonymous 

    Called me about washing machine expired and should be replaced. Machine is over 20 years old! This is the second time recently.

  • By Anonymous 

    They said my sky insurance had expired. I asked for my account number and expiry date which they gave me and I also asked how much my monthly payment was and he informed me that it was £12 a month. I am 76 but was not convinced so I looked the number up but they he was so convincing and it was a young polite man spoke to me but I told him that it was a scam and he apologised for bothering me. So frightening for people that are taken in.

  • By Anonymous 

    They used my name and said they were Sky Protect, and that my policy was about to expire.
    I said I knew they were not from Sky (though I am insured with Sky Protect) and put the phone down

  • By Anonymous 

    never answer if they don't leave a message cannot be that important that on my home land line

  • By Anonymous 

    Just phoned waited but mo one answered....have had other calls from this number

  • By Anonymous 

    Just phoned waited but mo one answered

  • By Anonymous 

    A pest. Domestic appliance warranty

  • By Anonymous 

    Had a call from this number purporting to be about washing machine expiry ---Cannot be about guarantee as it is over 10 years old --- did not listen to this individual and consider it potentially dangerous ----Blocked

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