Who called me from 01323745940?

+441323745940 (Eastbourne, United Kingdom)


We have registered 8 reports and 55 lookups for the phone number 01323 745940 and our community has rated it as a neutral caller (3 ratings). This phone number is a landline from the United Kingdom.

On this page 2 users rated this phone number as Harassing and 1 user rated it as Good.

The most used words in our users' reports are Company (6 times), Business (3 times), Abroad (1 time), International (1 time), Unsafe (1 time), Offering (1 time) and Scam (1 time).

Type of call

The calls from this phone number have been categorised as Scam (2 times) and Silent call (1 time).

Caller Location

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📍 Phone numbers starting with 01323 belong to the Eastbourne area. So far we have registered 510 active spam phone numbers and we have detected 19,254 spam calls from this same type of landline as 01323745940 (area code 01323)

Caller ID

️ According to the reports sent by our users on our website and app, the phone number 01323745940 seems to be related to a scam call.

Phone activity

Total reports: 8
Total searches: 55
Last search:6 months ago
Global rating:
Total ratings: 3
  • By Anonymous 

    I paid £225 to this company for an advertisement in a brochure which doesn't exist. This company is crooked BE AWARE do not allow them to con you as they did me. I paid money in good faith and am now unable to contact Mr Nick Meldrum or anyone else as the phone number is non existent!

  • By Anonymous 

    They rang whilst I was out and pretended to make a business enquiry for my services only the mobile number provided was fake and doesn't exist and the person who took their call said they didn't seem to know what it was that they wanted to enquire about - strange as when potential clients ring me, they know exactly what they need!

  • By Anonymous 

    Some kind of scam publishing company pretending to be a golf course. They make persistent cold calls without invitation to local companies and try and sell advertising spaces

    Call type: Scam
  • By Anonymous 

    Annoying, scamming, golf nonsense. Block, block blockers block.

    Call type: Scam
  • By Anonymous 

    Annoying and constant.

  • By Anonymous 

    Hi, Yes I can help you here, It is my company, I am the Director of On Par Promotional Publishing Ltd, Based in Eastbourne East Sussex, There is nothing at all unsafe about my company, We are publishers for a cross section of the UK's top golf and country clubs and our phone call would of been nothing more than an invitation to get involved in a publication that we are working on for the Golf club. if your company has been contacted by one of my staff in regards to an advert in a golf club brochure I would encourage you to contact the manager of golf club to verify our status, Your business would be a reputable service in the local area surrounding the club and we would have been simply working off a recommendation and offering you the chance to get involved. Please visit the website www.onparpp.co.uk if you would like clarification. I would also be more than happy to speak personally with anyone looking to verify my companies status and faultless reputation 01323 745940. Personal mobile 07988 739 059. I can supply written testimonials from golf club and advertisers all over the country and I would again encourage you to contact them direct. The type of people on this web page writing stupid stuff about legitimate companies really don't see the damage they are doing to small business.

    Call type: Silent call
  • By Anonymous 

    first call, tues 8th Sept @ 4.09pm
    second call tues 15th Sept @ 3.01pm
    Didn't have phone to hand the first time, not sure how long it rang for. Second time, just a short 2 rings then cut off. Maybe because I live abroad it worries them that it's an international ring tone on a UK (mobile) number they're calling!
    Will put it on my Blocked Callers list so it won't call me again, just go dead their end :)

  • By Theo 

    Called me long enough to get to the phone. When I finally managed to answer, they put the phone down. I have no idea who was it.


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How much does it cost to call 01323 745940?


Calling 01323745940 from your landline can cost up to 16p per minute. There is a 'set-up' fee that is around 23p; calling from your mobile can cost you from 3p to 65p per minute depending on your phone company. These types of calls are often included in call packages, depending on your provider, calling to this phone number could be free of charge.