Who called me from 01534954196?

We have registered 3 reports and 47 lookups for this phone number and our community has rated it as a dangerous caller (2 ratings). (area code 01534)

On this page 1 user rated this phone number as Dangerous and 1 user rated it as Harassing.

The most used words in our users' reports are BT (4 times), Police (1 time).

Type of call

The calls from this phone number have been categorised as Scam (1 time).

Caller ID

Scam detected: Internet Connection scam

⚠️ We have identified the phone number 01534954196 to be linked to an Internet Provider scam. Usually these scammers pretend to be calling from BT, Talk Talk, Virgin Media, etc and mention they have detected suspicious activity on your IP address/router and threaten to disconnect your internet in 24hrs if you do not make an immediate payment.

You are encouraged to press 1 to speak to a "specialised agent". Then you will be persuaded to download some software, to give them remote access so they can fix your issue. They might request your credit card number or access to your online bank account. If you refuse, they will block your computer with a virus.

  • Remember your Internet Provider will never ask for your credit card number or online bank passwords. So, refuse to give this information and hang up immediately.

Phone activity

Total reports: 3
Total searches: 47
Last search:4 months ago
Global rating:
Total ratings: 2
  • By Anonymous 

    Claimed to be a 'Charles Wilson' from BT
    spoke with an Indian accent, talking about the internet, told him to F@*K OFF, then his sister phoned 2 more times the same day, told her that Charles had phoned earlier, then she put the phone down on me, I mean how rude... lol

  • By Anonymous 

    Claiming to be from BT, in 2 days they called me at least ten times!! They insist in calling despite me telling them I know it's a scam... That makes me wonder...

    Call type: Scam
  • By Anonymous 

    Not from BT, when I called him out as a liar he told me “why would I lie to you, you aren’t my wife" (but in
    broken English). I told him that he wasn’t ringing from BT and if he continued to call the office I’d report
    him to the police for nuisance calling and hung up on him. He then rang back and called me an alien. I assured
    him that I was born on Earth, told him to stop wasting my time and put the phone down again.


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