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+441653487686 (Malton, United Kingdom)


We have registered 10 reports and 66 lookups for the phone number 01653 487686 and our community has rated it as a dangerous caller (1 rating). This phone number is a landline from the United Kingdom.

On this page 1 user rated this phone number as Harassing.

The most used words in our users' reports are Accident (5 times), Traffic (3 times), Company (2 times), Protection (2 times), Answerphone (1 time), Customer (1 time) and Computer (1 time).

Type of call

The calls from this phone number have been categorised as Silent call (2 times).

Caller Location

Malton map

📍 Phone numbers starting with 01653 belong to the Malton area. So far we have registered 118 active spam phone numbers and we have detected 4,434 spam calls from this same type of landline as 01653487686 (area code 01653)

Caller ID

️ According to the reports sent by our users on our website and app, the phone number 01653487686 seems to be related to an accident scam call.

Phone activity

Total reports: 10
Total searches: 66
Last search:5 days ago
Total ratings: 1

User reports

  • By CW 

    Female caller this afternoon re traffic accident years ago. There was NO traffic accident, no other vehicle involved nor person injured just damaged the front of my car which caught up on a high verge while reverse parking (private road) into a disabled spot. Have been getting these calls ever since!!!!

    Owner: Insurance claim???

    Call type: Silent call
  • By Anonymous 

    Same as others - a woman with a Northern accent has just phoned, asking by name for my husband, 'have you been getting a number of phone calls about an incident in April 2014' - but when I said, yes, I hope you are the police because we are fed up with this potential fraud, she rang off.

  • By Anonymous 

    Has called more than once regarding a minor road traffic accident which was no fault of mine. Insurance claim re vehicle damage sorted. No injury, so no other claim. Apparently, I haven't had situation explained properly, so I don't understand!! But they don't, or rather won't, understand that I do not want money, were it there which i doubt, to which I am not entitled. And now it seems that by not doing as they wish, I am being mean to other driver. Well, if that is the case, perhaps he should not have accelerated so quickly!!

  • By Anonymous 

    I am receiving between 5 to 10 calls a day from this number in regard to a an incident concerning my vehicle .After repeatable telling whoever calls that i was NOT even in my vehicle at the time of the incident nobody is listening ,even though i been assured that all details i have given have been noted...they still constantly call.yesterday the call came in 30 Minuet intervals. I have reported this number to ofcom today.

  • By Anonymous 

    Never anybody on the line'

  • By Anonymous 

    You will never stop these calls, we have been receiving them since Jan 2014 following a no fault, no injury accident. Companies will keep selling on your details until someone gets a result. Received call from this number yesterday. Male immediately said he was from Green Light. He did not appear to know the name of the person he wanted. When asked where he got our details from, he said his computer screen. He did not know his company address, but did say Manchester. Would not speak to me due to data protection, other than to say there had been an accident. I pointed out it was breach of data protection passing on personal details without permission. He said he would pass me to someone else to obtain company details. No surprise - the line went dead.
    Please get caller id on your telephones and a cheap call blocker from the internet (about £15), you can then see the number of the person who is calling, blocking the call and telephone number.
    If you obtain details of the caller, then you can pass these details to the TPS (if registered) or ICO.

  • By Anonymous 

    Called about making a personal claim - Will try very hard to trick you into thinking they are not cold calling you - the girl talking to me realised I understood exactly what was going on when I asked again and again "can you tell me exactly what it is you're calling about" - she then got an older sounding very rude, forceful man on the phone who tried shouting at me and then when I said "so you're calling about a personal claim, you're the same as all the other cold callers" he put the phone down on me. He was so rude I felt I had to write on here as I can only imagine how many people they scare into giving over details.. ALSO, you should calm your team down when they "win" a customer, I could hear people wooping and hi-fiving during the call.. VERY PROFESSIONAL.

    Call type: Silent call
  • By Anonymous 

    Calling non stop but no message and answerphone when called back. Very annoying. Who are they????

  • By Anonymous 

    Keeps phoning me I have no idea who this is

  • By Anonymous 

    They were very rude to me how can I claim


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Calling 01653487686 from your landline can cost up to 16p per minute. There is a 'set-up' fee that is around 23p; calling from your mobile can cost you from 3p to 65p per minute depending on your phone company. These types of calls are often included in call packages, depending on your provider, calling to this phone number could be free of charge.