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We have registered 31 reports and 603 lookups for the phone number 01723 355641 and our community has rated it as a dangerous caller (9 ratings). This phone number is a landline from the United Kingdom.

On this page 2 users rated this phone number as Dangerous, 4 users rated it as Harassing, 1 user rated it as Neutral and 1 user rated it as Good.

The most used words in our users' reports are Company (23 times), Council (7 times), Sales (5 times), Scam (3 times), Parcel (3 times), Delivery (3 times) and Offer (3 times).

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The calls from this phone number have been categorised as Silent call (6 times), Telemarketing (4 times), Scam (2 times) and Threats (1 time).

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📍 Phone numbers starting with 01723 belong to the Scarborough area. So far we have registered 264 active spam phone numbers and we have detected 8,100 spam calls coming from this location (area code 01723)

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️ According to the reports sent by our users on our website and app, the phone number 01723355641 seems to be related to a parcel spam call. The phone number that called you seems to be a genuine number from Ck ink direct ltd.

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Total reports: 31
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Total ratings: 9
  • By Anonymous 

    Cold caller, selling printer cartridges

    Call type: Telemarketing
  • By Anonymous 

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Please can you provide an update regarding your situation as we are faced with exactly the same circumstances which is becoming very stressful as they are threatening taking legal action when we are constantly stating that they have supplied used/refills instead of the new cartridges we had ordered

    Call type: Threats
  • By Anonymous 

    silent random cold calling. obviously automated dialler with not enough staff to pester random phone numbers.
    am on TPS and have reported these unsolicited calls.

  • By Anonymous 

    I have dealt with ck ink direct for 6 months and have no complaints,easy to order, goods arrive when I'm told they will, and prices are great! What more could you ask for!

  • By Anonymous 

    Brilliant service!

  • By Anonymous 

    CK Ink Direct have been wonderful to my company of which they supply to my 26 branches! I have used them for 3 years and have nothing to say but good things! I have dealt with a lovely lady for the whole of this time who is excellent at her job courteous and polite and also very professional all orders arrive next day delivery to whichever branch I require my toner at and cannot fault this company in anyway shape or form. Would highly recommend!

  • By Anonymous 

    Everyone please be aware of this company "ypcc" which is also known as CK ink direct!! When you are contacted they say they are working with the local council ... This is a lie as they don't work with any council (I have checked) "Eco originals" is also another scam and they are compatibles... They are also not selling you them at cost price as they are getting commission on everything they sell... They have to get over £1500 profit a month (12% of each order) before commission so as you can imagine they scam a lot of you.... Also they get all your phone numbers from the 192.com site not off "their database" no one has authorised them as they come across. When you ring in and complain and want to speak to your "account manager" they always seem to not be there... There lying your "account manager" has asked another member of staff to do what they call a "keep it" and they are listening in on the phone call... They say they offer an "exchange policy" where if your printer breaks they will exchange your goods for you! Sounds good... But that is also a lie.. They will only exchange your goods if it's an "Eco original" not an official original! And only on few products! You do not get a refund if miss sold only credit on your account.... They have a different script for each company they ring for example schools... They don't actually supply to them they just cold call and hope for the best.. If you ask for proof they get the school numbers online!! Beware when being called by either company name when they try sell ink! They rip you off like mad. Just a warning....

    Owner: Ypcc / ck ink

    Call type: Silent call
  • By Anonymous 

    used this company for 7 months, cartridges are good quality and they seem to last a very long time! im happy and will continue to order

  • By Colin Jenneson  

    Pestered to death by a lee Rushfirth who conned me and my company. He overcharged me, miss sold to me, offered free goods which didn't come, added vat and a big post charge. This man is a total rip off beware of the company the sales staff are uneducated, theifs! Some serious retraining needed and supervisors should be looking into this following a complaint email. Please stay clear

    Call type: Telemarketing
  • By mike 

    Just looking at this website because of some negative feedback i was told about from one of my new managers who i have just placed at one of my new branches.
    After reading bad feedback they had concerns about ordering from the above company, CK Ink Direct as were instructed by myself and thought it should be brought to my attention.
    They did not realise however that I personally have used this company for some four or five years, firstly dealing with a gentleman named Mark, then to a man named Gareth.
    If either of you are reading this I apologise for not remembering your surnames.
    Both these people have been courteous and friendly and all my transactions have been smooth and the goods received promptly and in good order.
    I found this company has saved me hundreds of pounds over the years and have been a delight to work with...
    Also i think the problem with sites like this is that people only tend to leave bad feedback and very rarely positive feedback so that is why I have taken a few minutes to set a few points right.
    Also I personally believe that bad feedback is rarely checked for authenticity and is unjust.
    Mr M Buckham

  • By Alison 

    I have used this company since 2006 they are fantastic and have saved me hundreds of pounds over the years, will continue to use them in the future

  • By Anonymous 

    Since this post, my parcel has reappeared as the postage was not sufficient apparently, and they will now send me the correct cartridges.
    So perhaps all is not lost, I cant find out how to delete the first message so hopefully this will suffice in place of last message.

  • By Anonymous 

    HI I bought cartridges from these guys before, v. friendly over phone, first set of originals all fine, they phoned again a few times and I ordered another lot, these came as 'eco ones', and they don't work in the Canon printer, rang, tested whilst on phone, and yes none of them work, posted back via normal post as asked, 'we'll call you back after given to our tech guys' no call back, 10 days later I call them, they say they didn't receive my parcel, so no cant now send me any replacement, could offer a discount on your next order! The guy kept repeating his company policy ad infinitum, no reference to company failings, £51 down the drain, don't go near these guys....

  • By Anonymous 

    Sometimes there are duplicates in systems ....

  • By Paul 

    My email back to this company might be helpful...
    Dear Sirs,

    Re: Invoice Number nnnnnn
    Customer ID: YPCC nnnnnnnn

    Yesterday, 11th August 2015, your sales rep Paula Evans telephoned to offer supply of HP toner cartridges for my M551 Laserjet printer, emphasizing repeatedly that these would be manufacturer originals and not refills or compatibles. This is a misrepresentation of facts as, upon opening the package, the cartridge bears a label stating that it is "remanufactured in the UK" and is evidently not the HP original product that I ordered.

    I therefore do not accept these goods. They are not what was described by yourselves and was ordered by me.

    I also did not and do not agree to the terms of sale - neither on the telephone call, nor now. These were not stated on the telephone call and were only made known to me on the back of the invoice after opening the package, and which could not reasonably have been read at the moment of delivery.

    Your goods will be held and available for you to collect from the delivery address. This must be by reasonable prior arrangement as there is not always somebody on the premises. Alternatively you may supply a prepaid packing label and I will, as a goodwill gesture, take the parcel to a local courier (ie: MyHermes or Royal Mail). I am on holiday from 13th to 31st August 2015 and therefore arrangements will need to take this into account as a reasonable factor.

    I do not accept liability for your goods, and they will not be covered by our insurance.

    Yours faithfully,

    Call type: Telemarketing
  • By Catherine Wallace  

    Looked up the number as have had missed calls- seems the printer cartridge company also trade under freephone 08009990500 as I have always used..strange..anyway, I am a customer with this company and of course the sales pitch isn't very believable but which sales script is? They are trying to sell ink of course they need a story.
    Never had a problem regarding the Eco refurbed products and happy to cut costs by going down this route. I'm paying half what I was for the same quality print. Not an expenditure I'm thrilled about forking hundreds out for. What's to complain about..

    Owner: Customer

    Call type: Silent call
  • By Anonymous 

    Do not buy from these! its one big con! they say they don't sell refill or compatible products because they mainly supply to the nhs, local councils etc etc they claim they are the leading supplier to doctors surgeries in the uk. etc etc its all scripted so that whatever you say they have an answer. they do not sell originals! hence why the prices are low!!! the sell refurbished cartridges, and will make it sound great that they are at cost price, no they aint, they can put you on a 2 year price freeze so the prices stay low which is bull because they are always that price.

    good morning/afternoon its .... from the accounts dept at ypcc. we are working along side the councils at the moment and ive been asked to call and speak to the person who deals with the printer cartridges there.

    they aren't working alongside councils, and they havent been asked to call it's a cold call!!!!

    just say to them are they eco-originals if they say no they are lying if they say yes say to them right so they are refills.

    based in scarborough, not a nationwide wholesaler and do not work alongside the council avoid at all cost.....

    you will notice how they will make it sound like they are always doing you a favour.

    you have been warned!

    ck ink direct & your printer cartridge company (ypcc) are the same thing!

    Call type: Telemarketing
  • By Anonymous 

    Phoned me today 16/04/2014 referring to my business, I stopped working 12 years ago. Then switched to council suppliers of ink cartridges! If and when I want ink cartridges, I'll buy from a reputable supplier.

  • By Paul 

    Sam from YPCC (Your Printer Cartridge Company) cold called me selling surplus printer cartridges. He claimed he worked for the council and knew what printer we had.
    He was very very insistent that they were not refills or compatibles but wouldn't say they were originals, since reading the other posts I now understand they are re-manufactured, which are refilled.
    As it was on invoice I decided to risk it as the price was low. When they arrived they are plainly not originals, the packaging clearly says they are compatible! To add insult to injury, they had added postage and VAT, which were never mentioned on the phone. The invoice says they accept no returns, but I had been wrongly sold to so I rang them. They offered to refund postage but refused to budge on VAT. Then they lied to me again to try and make me keep them telling me they are original environmentally friendly cartridges from HP. I asked if they come from HP why do they not have HP on them, there answer was obviously more lies so I told them to collect the cartridges and they have cancelled the order and collected them today.
    Sam misrepresented and lied about the product and was very pushy on the phone, avoid YPCC YourPrinterCartridgeCompany and CK Ink Direct, it’s just not worth it!

    Owner: YPCC YourPrinterCartridgeCompany

    Call type: Silent call
  • By Anonymous 

    February 2015 - She described the company as being called YPCC which stood for Your Printer Cartridge Company but just kept repeating that they did not supply refilled or compatible cartridges and guaranteed that they were true Epson brand. They have supposedly had a cancelled order so offering them at knockdown prices. The prices were remarkably low. I have heard this story before and was wary so decided to get their number and 'call them back'. They do have a website and they are based in Scarborough by the look of it and she provided the free phone number shown on the website. Not sure if it's a legitimate company or not!


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