Who called me from 01905791225?


We have registered 11 reports and 258 lookups for the phone number 01905 791225 and our community has rated it as a neutral caller (3 ratings). This phone number is a landline from Worcester, United Kingdom (area code 01905)

On this page 2 users rated this phone number as Harassing and 1 user rated it as Good.

The most used words in our users' reports are Machine (2 times), Company (2 times), Bank (2 times), Silent (1 time), Spam (1 time), Marketing (1 time), Arrested (1 time).

Type of call

The calls from this phone number have been categorised as Telemarketing (1 time) and Scam (1 time).

Call Location


📍 Phone numbers starting with 01905 belong to the Worcester area. So far we have registered 494 active spam phone numbers and we have detected 15,363 spam calls coming from this location.

Caller ID

Scam detected: Insurance scam

⚠️ The phone number 01905 791225 seems to be linked to an "Insurance scam call". The caller is a fake insurance company (normally with a very generic name such as "Accident Helpline" or "Accident Assist") cold calling about an accident you had.

The call usually starts with a recording like this: "Have you been involved in an accident that wasn't your fault?". The caller will also mention that you may be entitled to claim compensation for that accident. These scammers normally get your phone number from Gumtree or similar websites and call people hoping to find somebody who had a recent accident and/or wants to try to get compensation.

  • Don't be rushed. Scammers will try to rush you to raise a claim, even if you never had an accident!
  • Do not reveal any personal details over the phone. Even if you actually had an accident. They will use this data to call you more and more.

Have a look at this video to find out more about this scam.

Phone activity

Total reports: 11
Total searches: 258
Last search:2 weeks ago
Global rating:
Total ratings: 3
  • By Anonymous 

    Fed up with them constantly phoning

  • By Anonymous 

    I’m disabled. I am constantly getting phone calls and voicemails with no answer.. I listen to the message and then either silence or invited to press a number to continue the call. This number charges at 10p per minute minimum. However the last one was a girl in the background saying omg did you hear all that?... another time they rang me and I picked up and they knew my name and said that I was recently involved in a car accident that wasn’t my fault so I put the phone down. Interesting to see a comment above saying this is a company called Willowbrook.... I was searching online for adjustable disabled furniture and the offer of a demonstration in my own hone... how they could demonstrate a sofa set and king sized bed is beyond me... I received a brochure in the post... so now they have my name address and phone number ... if I had ordered anything they then would have had my money and bank and card details.... definitely scammers preying on the vulnerable. I used to work for a very prominent bank. I am trained to spot fraudsters and scam artists. So I shall be sending all of the above to the NCA as they are am targeting nationaly. Oh my daughter is a is a law and criminologist too.... bye bye number bye bye Willowbrook...hide but you will be caught 😊

    Call type: Scam
  • By Anonymous 

    just rang me I picked up but didn't speak, so they put the phone down. These people should be arrested for harassment.

  • By Anonymous 

    SPAM marketing. A top candidate for BLOCKING the number

    Call type: Telemarketing
  • By Anonymous 

    This is a company called Willowbrook. I regret the day i requested a brochure from them. I get at least two calls a day from them so i have blocked the number but they leave a voice mail but no message. Sureley there is something that can be done legally?

  • By Anonymous 

    I get an average of 4 calls per day, I,m not bothered by this as I have put a block on this Number and do not hear the phone ring, I,m just curious to know what,s so important to the caller to ring me so often for the last month or so ???.

  • By Anonymous 

    This number calls times a day very often early morning &weekends included..never answer but it is very annoying day after day week after week month after month...please stop this for us...Thank you...

  • By Anonymous 

    Ringing me on average 3/4 times per day. Usually ring off when the answer machine cuts in but today they decided to do 'deep breathing'!!! I ignored it but would not like to come back from work and find this on my answer machine. Why does nothing happen about this if many people have reported it? Is there anyone else I can report it to - sign of the times that the memory for my 'calls barred' on my phone is full so can't add this one!!

  • By Anonymous 

    Call me several times a day, 7 days a week and never leave a message. I would like to report them.

  • By Anonymous 

    Regular cAlls from this number. Nobody there.

  • By Anonymous 

    Harrassed by this call. They call 3/4 times a day and remain silent. Who are they I don't know.


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How much does it cost to call 01905 791225?


Calling 01905791225 from your landline can cost up to 16p per minute. There is a 'set-up' fee that is around 23p; calling from your mobile can cost you from 3p to 65p per minute depending on your phone company. These types of calls are often included in call packages, depending on your provider, calling to this phone number could be free of charge.