Who called me from 02031290664?

💡Internet Connection Scam
📍London, United Kingdom
Fixed Line
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  • By Anonymous 

    Automated call from pretend BT saying fraudulent use with internet and possible prosecution . They ask individuals to press 1 to speak to an agent .... I spoke to a Mumbai/ USA sounding woman called May ...I told her police had been notified regarding their fraudulent activity and they would be hearing from my solicitor ....I only got as far as mentioning police and flatline tone came over receiver .... we have so many numbers blocked ,the list is full ....these people need stopping yet no one seems to be able to do a thing !!

  • By Anonymous 

    I received threats from this number saying I would be involved in fraudulent activities and arrested if I did not respond to their call - it was on my messaging service and suffice to say I have not returned call or pressed 1 like they said. I still have the message if it is needed

  • By Anonymous 

    I concur what everybody else says. Registering with the TPS seems futile these days, number now blocked but the message will return on a different number on another day !!!!!

  • By Anonymous 

    BT automated voice message saying your number has been involved in fraud and if you don't press 1 to connect to an engineer, you will be arrested.

  • By Anonymous 

    Claims to be BT detecting problems with your number. Requests press 1 to speak to BT - DONT!

  • By Anonymous 

    As previously reported, threats of legal consequences if you ignore the call.

  • By Anonymous 

    Scamming b@$t@rd with an american accent claiming I was involved in a BT fraud. DANGEROUS.

  • By Anonymous 

    Fake 'BT engineering' computer generated message. Claims your internet connection is involved in fraud and that you will be getting arrested soon if you do not press 1 to talk to an engineer and fix the fault.

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