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💡HMRC Scam
📍London, United Kingdom
Fixed Line
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⚠️Please be aware that the number, 02038089380 has connections to an aggressive HMRC Scam in the UK. You will receive a pre-recorded message from 02038089380 claiming that you have committed tax fraud.

These scammers claim to be HMRC Tax Agents from the Fraud Dept. They terrorise you by stating the police will immediately arrest you, or that you will have to go to court. They cleverly coerce you to make an instant payment over the telephone to avoid prosecution.

You can use these steps to protect yourself from these dangerous scammers:-

  • Save yourself any stress by hanging up and blocking the phone number immediately.
  • Report this phone number to the HMRC phishing team.
  • If the scammers contacted you via text message, forward it to the HMRC's official phone number (60599).
  • You can also report this call by sending an email to HMRC's security team (security.custcon[at]hmrc.gov.uk) including this phone number, the time and date you got the call and a small desription of the call.
  • By Anonymous 

    This number has called me 4 times this morning and although I block such calls more and more follow. Surely in this modern age there must be some way these deviants can be traced and brought to justice. I worry about vulnerable people that do not fully grasp what scammers are capable of and how technology has encouraged criminality on many different levels.

  • By Anonymous 

    Have had this phone number calling for the last three days it leaves a message to press one and speak to a police officer

  • By Anonymous 

    Starting three days ago, this number has phoned me at least 3 times each day. I let it go to answerphone and the message informs me that a lawsuit against me is imminent and I should press 1. The term 'lawsuit' is an American expression so I assume it is a foreign scam.

    I have now blocked the number.

  • By Anonymous 

    Had 2 calls from this number today. Suspect a scam.

  • By Anonymous 

    Have received this call a number of times, leaving messages on my answering machine about a court case against me. I advice anyone receiving this message to just ignore. If it’s important they will soon send the paperwork

  • By Anonymous 

    this scam has called me twice today, I blew a whistle in it to stop calling me.

  • By Anonymous 

    Scam call reporting to be from HMRC collecting unpaid tax with the threat of a police raid.

  • By Anonymous 

    Keeps ringing me on my landline threatening that there is a lawsuit being filed against me a few times a day

  • By Anonymous 

    Automated call from HMRC's who have a law suit against me and to press 1 to speak to an officer.

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