Who called me from 02084336064?

💡HMRC Scam
📍London, United Kingdom
Fixed Line
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⚠️Please be aware that the number, 02084336064 has connections to an aggressive HMRC Scam in the UK. You will receive a pre-recorded message from 02084336064 claiming that you have committed tax fraud.

These scammers claim to be HMRC Tax Agents from the Fraud Dept. They terrorise you by stating the police will immediately arrest you, or that you will have to go to court. They cleverly coerce you to make an instant payment over the telephone to avoid prosecution.

You can use these steps to protect yourself from these dangerous scammers:-

  • Save yourself any stress by hanging up and blocking the phone number immediately.
  • Report this phone number to the HMRC phishing team.
  • If the scammers contacted you via text message, forward it to the HMRC's official phone number (60599).
  • You can also report this call by sending an email to HMRC's security team (security.custcon[at]hmrc.gov.uk) including this phone number, the time and date you got the call and a small desription of the call.
  • By Anonymous 

    four times a day! asked them to stop. Foreign call centre, london number said from dwp

  • By Anonymous 

    Sick of this number ringing me! 4 times a day!!!

  • By Anonymous 

    020 8433 6064 they say they are a company called Kantar but keep calling after we have asked them not too

  • By Anonymous 

    They keep phoning my mother's house and asking for my brother, when I asked if I could take a message, they refused to say anything. they can keep ringing, I will just put the phone down.

  • By Anonymous 

    Please who are youstop it ringing me ?? P

  • By Anonymous 

    Ban these calls !!

  • By Anonymous 

    Kantar Public.
    A valid survey company who do surveys for DWP and others.
    Perfectly legitimate from letters I received in advance.
    So why did they hang up when I answered?!

  • By Anonymous 

    Keeps ringing but I don't answer.

  • By Anonymous 

    Foreign woman claiming to be from dwp for a survey scam caller avoid!!!!

  • By Anonymous 

    Said they were a DWP survey

  • By Anonymous 

    Called and went dead/hung up just as I answered. Like so many other pest callers. Block their number. They're not worth your time.

  • By Anonymous 

    said it was dwp doing a survey dont trust

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Calling 02084336064 from your landline can cost up to 13p per minute, usually there is a 'set-up' fee that can go from 19p to 22p; calling from your mobile can cost you from 3p to 55p per minute depending on your company. This type of phone number is often included in call packages, so depending on your provider calling to this phone number could be free of charge.

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