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⚠️Please be aware that the number, 02086387734 has connections to an aggressive HMRC Scam in the UK. You will receive a pre-recorded message from 02086387734 claiming that you have committed tax fraud.

These scammers claim to be HMRC Tax Agents from the Fraud Dept. They terrorise you by stating the police will immediately arrest you, or that you will have to go to court. They cleverly coerce you to make an instant payment over the telephone to avoid prosecution.

You can use these steps to protect yourself from these dangerous scammers:-

  • Save yourself any stress by hanging up and blocking the phone number immediately.
  • Report this phone number to the HMRC phishing team.
  • If the scammers contacted you via text message, forward it to the HMRC's official phone number (60599).
  • You can also report this call by sending an email to HMRC's security team (security.custcon[at]hmrc.gov.uk) including this phone number, the time and date you got the call and a small desription of the call.
  • By Anonymous 

    This voicemail is threatening and should be traced and stopped, no intention of falling for this scam.....

  • By Anonymous 

    Just had the same experience - same threatening voicemail. I returned the call and a man answered. He confirmed it was HMRC. He asked for my name and how to spell it. I asked again, are you really HMRC? he said yes. He asked me do I have a case number. I responded "but you called me and I don't know what this is about" then I told him I've never had a call from HMRC and that I was going to check it out and I hung up. Then I googled the number and found this page and saw everyone else's experience with the same scam call

  • By Anonymous 

    This is the 2nd call we have had in 2 days, threatening us to call the HMRC office on this number, within a time scale otherwise legal action will be taken. Surely there has to be a way to stop this happening. I just feel for the vulnerable who aren't ware that this is a scam, and may pay up to these bullies.

  • By Anonymous 

    The same phone call them voice message with same threatening message. scam

  • By Anonymous 

    Very nearly got caught out, right up to the point where the man was going through our online banking, I queried why I couldn't pay online via VAT website but he said it was time sensitive and it would not allow me to pay, but then I queried why I couldn't use the drop down menu to find the relevant HMRC account, he started to get very threatening which freaked me out. The sad thing is I was in communication with VAT people over a late return that was assessed to be the amount he said needed to be paid. How did he find this info out? also when I put phone down in the end my hubby got a call from Kent Police number saying he was going to be arrested in 15 minutes. aaaghhhhh. I've been in touch with Kent Police who are worried that they used their switchboard number. Is this an inside job on both areas as the HMRC guy who originally called using this number, called back due to a bad line and he was using the HMRC helpline number. You can now understand why I nearly paid up and I always said I'd never get caught out.

  • By Anonymous 

    Very threatening automated call claiming to be from HMRC and 'time sensitive'. If you don't call back you will 'face the legal consequences'. Obviously a scam but the threatening nature of it will hook some people into returning the call... and then what?

  • By Anonymous 

    Definitely sounded threatening - very worrying for people!
    These calls need to be stopped!

  • By Anonymous 

    I found this call very threatening. This could cause health risks to people who have a frail disposition.
    The perpetrators should be found and feel the full wrath of the law. It is obviously a computer generated voice.

  • By Anonymous 

    Call from HMRC not! Female voice says this is time sensitive do not disregard. At which point I put the phone down.

  • By Anonymous 

    Voicemail left by this number. Automated message, American female claiming to be Officer Clare Williams from Revenue and Customs, says message is time sensitive and threats of solicitors!!

  • By Anonymous 

    Same as previous comments. Quite threatening call from a woman claiming to be from HMRC.

  • By Anonymous 

    This is the 2nd call I've had from this number. The call goes as such - There is an issue which is time sensitive. Calling from HM Revenue and Customs - Officer Claire Williams on 02086387734. Do not disregard this message. If you do not call back or we do not hear from your solicitor get ready to face the legal consequences. Goodbye and take care.
    The call is clearly a scam but some people may be panicked into taking action.

    Surely there must be some way to locate the caller and put a stop to these threatening calls?

  • By Anonymous 

    Recorded message from foreign female voice supposedly from HMRC telling me to instruct my solicitor........at which point I put the phone down....SCAM !

  • By Anonymous 

    Got a call from this number at 7.45 this morning with a recorded message supposively from HMRC. This is a scam as I have had the same message asking to call them from a different number in the past.

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