Who called me from 02087958528?

📍London, United Kingdom
Fixed Line
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  • By Anonymous 

    Didn't answer as i don't know the number, glad I didn't after reading the comments.

  • By Anonymous 

    Received a call today saying the same name Louise that someone posted 7months ago.. this is a scam if ESA or DWP call you they will leave a message or post you a letter. these people are fake

  • By Anonymous 

    This is ESA - usually calling to advise there is a problem or could be with your ESA e.g a new medical certificate is required.

  • By Anon 67 

    Had 2 missed calls today.
    Read here about number.
    If its important they can write to me. Not going to make anything easy for them.

  • By Anonymous 

    i had this number ring me today but cant ring them back i hear that its a scam so f*** that then lol

  • By Anonymous 

    called mobile, answer phone message was just no one speaking but you could hear shufferling in background. very odd.

  • By Anonymous 

    I also received a call from this number today saying that they were from Louise from ESA and wanted me to attend an assessment

  • By Anonymous 

    Missed called me twice permantaly engaged when I tried to call back Is this a scam?

  • By Anonymous 

    scam avoid pretending to be esa

  • By Anonymous 

    This number is now part of ESA

  • By Anonymous 

    Do not give any details to this number, they are scammers
    they can ask for national insurance number etc. do not give anything
    they will try and intimidate you, but do not let them, just hang up.

  • By Anonymous 

    This number keeps ringing me asking for personal details did n8t give any

  • By Anonymous 

    An annoying lady phoned me and wanted some details from me - she said her name was Sam or Pam. I don't know anyone who has my mobile no. by that name. I asked her to write to me if she wanted any personal details from me.

    When I called back the number to see if it was a scam, I could not leave a message. Please investigate this number ........ as I am very unwell and this phone calls only adds more stress to my condition.

  • By Anonymous 

    Don't know who these people are, I did phone this no back but it does not say who they are and you can't leave a message

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