Who called me from 02392386688?

+442392386688 (Portsmouth, United Kingdom)


We have registered 93 reports and 2,828 lookups for the phone number 023 9238 6688 and our community has rated it as a dangerous caller (21 ratings). This phone number is a landline from the United Kingdom.

On this page 5 users rated this phone number as Harassing and 1 user rated it as Good.

The most used words in our users' reports are Scam (9 times), Automated (8 times), Recorded (8 times), Nuisance (8 times), Appointment (7 times), Loan (5 times) and Money (5 times).

Type of call

The calls from this phone number have been categorised as Scam (11 times), Telemarketing (3 times), Debt collector (2 times) and Silent call (2 times).

Caller Location

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📍 Phone numbers starting with 023 belong to the Portsmouth area. So far we have registered 4,288 active spam phone numbers and we have detected 239,226 spam calls from this same type of landline as 02392386688 (area code 023)

Caller ID

️ According to the reports sent by our users on our website and app, the phone number 02392386688 seems to be related to a debt management scam call. The phone number that called you seems to be a genuine number from SOHA Housing. However, considering this phone number has been previously reported as a scam, please keep in mind that the call you received might have been spoofed by fraudsters.

Phone activity

Total reports: 93
Total searches: 2,828
Last search:28 minutes ago
Total ratings: 21

User reports

  • By Anonymous 

    They have just phoned to say they have got my dog! They named him. Very upset.

  • By Anonymous 

    Nuisance calling when you ring back it's engaged

  • By Anonymous 

    this number has called and left a message quoting a mobile number. Mobile number does not exist. I have received almost 50 calls between 7am and 12 pm. Nothing i can do to stop this nuisance.

  • By Anonymous 

    Just had a call from this number saying they have had a request to transfer my ISA and to contact them if this is not correct!

  • By Anonymous 

    I got a phone call from this. Number this saying that there the NHS saying that I have an appointment on the 24th feb when I phone this number back its always busy

  • By lou_weez84 

    i recieved a call off these to say - "your delivery will be on the 14th dec at time - "time unknown" these times are an estimate" i have no idea who they are or which delivery they are refering to as its christmas and im expecting several! i tried to ring back but its engaged all the time so I cant understand how this is a scam? surely i cant be charged for picking up my phone can i?

    Call type: Scam
  • By Sarah 

    Got three calls today, apparently from the same people. First one from 02087599577 (at 1712), picked up and it was a recorded message that did not make any sense. Second call from 02392386688 (at 1950), didn't pick up. Third call, again from 02087599577 (at 2123), didn't pick up.

    I'm ex dir and my landline number is not known to other people as I only used it for the internet. I did some reasearch online and found out that these numbers are connected and are nuisance calls.

  • By tommy 

    we received a call from this number saying that they are coming here to inspect the work that we have had done. when I ring back to ask for info. it is always busy.

  • By TurningJohn 

    This same number contacted me, again with a recorded message, asking me to confirm that my car was still for sale using the internet.
    I am now about to contact the only advertiser that actually shows my number in it's advert and warn them of this problem.

    Call type: Reminder
  • By Anonimous 

    We live in Gloucestershire. Got two calls in quick succession - the first stopped after 2 rings, the second my daughter answered but couldn't understand the recorded message. Unfortunately she hung up before I could listen to it. We are not expecting any messages and have no debts, appointments etc.

    Will disregard unless it persists - other people have had problems - in which case I will try dialling 1477 (apparently in the UK this reports last call as a nuisance) or take it up with Ofcom. Won't waste my money calling back.

  • By Mike Kelly 

    This number appears to have changed owners very frequently, raising the issue of whether it is a disposable number. I believe I was called twice by this number from Skype, when I tried to verify a number as mine. They sent a verification sms, which I eventually got on another number, so cant be sure, but asked for the code 4 times and got 4 calls 2 from this number and 2 from another. They simply read the message out and hang up. As I have a call management system, it was treated as a silent caller as, when prompted for a name, the phone was silent. I am presuming the message had already been delivered at that point

    Owner: txt to speach service used by Skype

    Call type: Silent call
  • By Anonymous 

    FPC again, they've been ringing using several different numbers, a few times a week. Always leaving a recorded message (I never pick up),sometimes the message asks for a person who doesn't live here. According to complaints on here and other sites, FPC are a debt collection company who buy debts from (amongst others) Vodafone and Capitol One. I don't owe a penny to anyone and have never had any dealings with those two firms.

    Call type: Debt collector
  • By Meh 

    With a bit of digging i found out this number was from my sons school. Its an automated message. The phone number this message came from has nothing to do with the school, so i think it must be a third party company that provides this service to the school and probably many others,

    e.g. solicitors etc as other people have mentioned.

    Hope this helps


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How much does it cost to call 023 9238 6688?


Calling 02392386688 from your landline can cost up to 16p per minute. There is a 'set-up' fee that is around 23p; calling from your mobile can cost you from 3p to 65p per minute depending on your phone company. These types of calls are often included in call packages, depending on your provider, calling to this phone number could be free of charge.