Who called me from 0253177020?

+61253177020 (Orange, Australia)


We have registered 7 reports and 49 lookups for the phone number (02) 5317 7020 and our community has rated it as a dangerous caller (3 ratings). This phone number is a landline from Australia.

On this page 1 user rated this phone number as Dangerous, 1 user rated it as Harassing and 1 user rated it as Good.

The most used words in our users' reports are Tax (5 times), Arrest (2 times), Recorded (2 times), Fraudulent (1 time), Scam (1 time), Telstra (1 time) and Warrant (1 time).

Type of call

The calls from this phone number have been categorised as Scam (2 times) and Threats (1 time).

Caller Location

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📍 Phone numbers starting with 0253 belong to the Orange area. So far we have registered 32 active spam phone numbers and we have detected 678 spam calls from this same type of landline as 0253177020 (area code 0253)

Caller ID

️ According to the reports sent by our users on our website and app, the phone number 0253177020 seems to be related to a tax scam call. We have not been able to verify if this phone number is a legit ATO number. If this phone number called you, keep in mind that this number has been previously flagged as a potential scam by other users who answered the call. If you have more information about this number, please consider writing a comment to help other users.

Phone activity

Total reports: 7
Total searches: 49
Last search:3 months ago
Global rating:
Total ratings: 3
  • By Anonymous 

    Please find these people and get them to stop harassing the elderly...They have rung my mother and scared her death!! Idiots.....

  • By Anonymous 

    These people need to be found and dealt with! They have rung my mother and scared her to death with their threats of sending the police around as she owes taxes!! Bloody ridiculous someone should find them and sort them out...

    Call type: Threats
  • By Anonymous 

    I received a call from this number yesterday and didn't answer it , They left a pre recorded message it was a woman's voice stating I had not replied to mail that was sent to me in regards to tax evasion and to contact them on the above phone number before a warrant is issued for my arrest, At no time did the woman say she was from the ATO or any other Government body , I did not reply in any way , Today 1st September 2016 , I received a phone call from a No ID caller again I didn't answer and the same pre recorded message was left again as the day before , At no time was I addressed by my name or state my tax file number or say what address the so called letters ( that I never received) were sent to , So again I never replied .

  • By Anonymous 

    yes they wanted my tax file number and told me if the information was not corrected I would have to pay a find at the post office by tomorrow and they new my name

  • By Anonymous 

    This number keeps appearing on my mobile twice a week. I have answered a couple of time and it states you have avoided tax evasion and you can face arrest. They say they are from the ATO Australian Tax Office. I have contacted Telstra as it says you have been charged for this call. (Reverse call Australia)

  • By Anonymous 

    I think this is a scam

    Call type: Scam
  • By Anonymous 

    Fraudulent number - claiming to be the ATO

    Call type: Scam

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