Who called me from 03301191066?

  • By Anonymous 

    Do not answer, do not open, do not work to and for this company.

  • By Anonymous 

    Oh by the way the are called verde pure .... beware!

  • By Anonymous 

    Beware this is a scammer company based in Pudsey, they try to hard sell you un needed water filters for your home, my brother worked for them for a short, they tried to get him to sell them to all his family and friends, including me, my mum bought one because she wanted to help him, - its a total con just look round the internet. Basically dont get conned into buying one, and if you value your family and friends DONT ever work for them.

  • By r ross 

    Rang last two mornings early we are both elderly & are not interested feel pressured

    Owner: something like verdicure a health survey

    Silent call
  • By Anonymous 

    Someone from this no. has phoned twice, once to do a health survey & today offering to bring round a gift of holiday vouchers. Upset when I said he couldn't do that!!

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