Who called me from 03333440295?

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  • By Anonymous 

    Dangerous scam pretending to be from O2. Ignore and block.

  • By Anonymous 

    Pleasant conversation. Said they were from 02. Im in contract and i dont want to upgrade. Great conversation first time BUT they keep calling! 6 times in recent weeks. Aaarrrgghhhh - spoken with my O2 customer service and they say that this number is NOT part of their sales teams

  • By Anonymous 

    I’ve received a call from this number, supposedly from O2. They wanted to look at getting me a better deal - I pointed out I was in a 2 year contract so it was unlikely that would be possible, and then I hung up.

  • By Anonymous 

    Who is this number why would 02 offer me anything knowing I'm struggling to pay my bill i am already on a limited account meaning I can't make outgoing calls or texts it's stressing me out...... why would they ask me for details of my bank account that my Bill's go to as a security question........ no better than politicians all out to scam us......

  • By Anonymous 

    Called me twice today but didn't answer.

  • By Anonymous 

    Said from 02 and then asked to confirm my account details

    I hung up

    Don’t trust them

  • By Anonymous 

    Harrassing...ive asked to be removed from their cold calls list but to no avail :(

  • By Anonymous 

    They said they were from 02 and tried to persuade me to upgrade and take out a tablet but I declined. He wasn't that pushy though. I don't t normally answer

  • By Anonymous 

    From call centre not very clear what she wanted so asked if she could not call my mobile nicely

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