Who called me from 03334439987?

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  • By Anonymous 

    I received a call from Baz Iqbal 03334439987 on 14-05-19 he said he was from Octopus energy sounded like he knew a lot and even gave me the Octopus help line number, I rang the helpline and they were not able to tell me if he works for them from Sheffield or not, even though he seemed to know everything I will ring the company directly, I have took my time and shopped around first before saying yes to anything, I found Octopus the best price for me but don't trust anyone ringing me.
    Keith Saunders from Plymouth

  • By Anonymous 

    It appears to be a company called oxford energy. I turned table and called them!! Told me they was closed and to call between 9-5, it was 14:10 lol. Seems they don't like to be called.

  • By Anonymous 

    I have blocked this number s they seem to be one of the many used to telemarket. They need reporting.

  • By Anonymous 

    I didn't answer this call as I didn't recognise the number. After looking on this site I have decided to block this number from my phone

  • By Anonymous 

    This number keeps ringing and I want it to stop

  • By Anonymous 

    I won't answer my phone if I don't the number but they don't get the message it's like they try using all different numbers to get hold of you it's about time they get stopped

  • By Anonymous 

    Unknown persistent caller

  • By Anonymous 

    This number has called a couple of times. This is a nuisance call. But i have now blocked it.

  • By Anonymous 

    Just another nuisance call.
    It's ok the Gvt saying these cold callers can be prosecuted but nothing ever seems to happen.
    Put me in a room with these nuisance callers and I will show him exactly where his phone will finish up around his person. Like 9% of people we are fed up of them. Having said that if the governing body can't control something as simple as this watch chance gas the Gvt got solving Brexit.

  • By Anonymous 

    This number has called about a dozen times but I have not answered it because it comes up on my phone as potential fraud.who does this number belong to.

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