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  • By Anonymous 

    Calling daily and texting daily for a payment I do not owe

  • By Anonymous 

    Keeps ringing then hang up

  • By Anonymous 

    Useless don't use virgin media they are bullies

  • By Anonymous 

    Abusive and threatening. I was told they would take everything I had, thanks Virgin Media for screwing me and my young family over - disgusting company

  • By Anonymous 

    I spoke with this company that work with virgin media. Although they can't help with disputes they are more then helpful. Virgin are nothing but a bullying company that think nothing about anoyone but their own selves. Do not be a virgin media customer

  • By Anonymous 

    I cancelled subscription to Virgin Media on 20th September and was given a date for cut off as 20th October. I was advised to wait until after the cut off date and make sure that the final direct debit payment had been paid, which I did, before cancelling the DD. Since then I have had numerous phone calls, a text saying that my service was suspended in December (although I disconnected everything before 20th October), a letter saying pay up or I might find it difficult to get credit in the future and now more calls from this number. Done nothing wrong. Sick of it.

  • By Anonymous 

    Won't stop calling

  • By Anonymous 

    I have had lengthy conversations with virgin media and they DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. Somehow this company obtained my virgin media details and contacted me making demands for payments. Virgin media changed all of my account details due to this issue. It would appear that this company has accessed virgin media data - although they themselves deny this. This company asked me for my full password which raised my suspicions. They knew my name, dob, address and amount owed in last billing period. I don't trust either company to be honest with you amd I'd suggest avoiding this company like the plague.

  • By Anonymous 

    Constantly calling and messaging.

  • By Anonymous 

    It is a collections agency called CSL acting for Virgin Media

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